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Larry Checco Columns

Larry Checco is president of Checco Communications.  His latest book is entitled Aha! Moments in Brand Management: Commonsense Insights to a Stronger, Healthier Brand.  Checco Communications is a consulting firm that specializes in branding.  It helps organizations clearly define who they are, what they do, how they do it and, most importantly, why anyone should care enough to support them. Where most branding professionals focus on making sure an organization has an attractive logo, catchy tagline and perhaps a marketing plan, Larry’s take is different.  His message is that good branding is far less about marketing, advertising and public relations and far more about quality leadership and staff, appropriate and ethical behavior, and an organization’s willingness, ability and commitment to live up to the promises, or covenant, its brand represents. His first book, Branding for Success: A Roadmap for Raising the Visibility and Value of Your Nonprofit Organization, has sold thousands of copies worldwide. Click here for full bio.

September 17, 2007 De-Mystifying Nonprofits - Radio Show on Branding

Source: Larry Checco - Checco Communications

Branding expert Larry Checco recently appeared with Neighborhood Housing Services of Greater Cleveland (NHSGC) executive director Lou Tisler on the internet-based radio talk show "De-Mystifying Nonprofits." Tisler has declared...

September 6, 2007 Branding Bytes Issue #8

Source: Larry Checco

Branding Bytes is a free quarterly e-letter courtesy of Larry Checco of Checco Communications (please refer below to our privacy policy and how to subscribe/unsubscribe). Past issues are archived on my website...[more]

June 22, 2007 Branding Bytes: Issue #7: Summer 2007

Source: Larry Checco

There's an old saying in the communications business that states: It's not how a message is delivered, but rather how it is received that makes all the difference. Put another way, it doesn't matter what you may want to say...[more]

April 18, 2007 Branding Bytes: Issue #6 Spring 2007

Source: Larry Checco - Checco Communications

Branding Bytes is a FREE quarterly e-letter courtesy of Larry Checco of Checco Communications (please refer below to our privacy policy and how to subscribe/unsubscribe). Past issues are archived on my website...[more]

March 7, 2007 Unlocking the Mysteries of an Internal Brand Audit

Source: Reprinted from Branding Bytes By Larry Checco

Like a financial or communications audit, an internal brand audit is an independent review of an organization’s brand, which, if done properly, provides the organization with a baseline for how clearly its brand is defined,[more]

December 26, 2006 Larry Checco's Commentary on Hewlett Packard

Source: Larry Checco

As Governance & Accountability Institute participating consultant, Larry Checco (with click to profile) notes, “…HP is a classic example of how a company could get lost somewhere between unethical and illegal…and the potential...[more]

December 12, 2006 Corporate Giving In The Billions – But Despite The Headlines, The Total Companies Give Is Still Less Than 1% Of All Giving

Source: Larry Checco

The recent Golin/Harris International survey found that 68 percent of respondents believe that "business should invest significantly more money, time, attention and resources in corporate citizenship than it does today." They...[more]

November 20, 2006 Language Matters…“Housing that People Can Afford” vs “Affordable Housing”

Source: By Larry Checco

The language we use in advancing societal goals is important. Sometimes the right phrase will put your ideas over the top – and the wrong phrase doesn’t help you draw needed support from others who share your aspirations.[more]

October 2, 2006 Being Accountable Means Living Your Brand

Source: By Larry Checco

In many ways being accountable and good branding are one and the same. If in fact perception is reality, then good branding is the act of promoting a positive public image, or perception, of your organization. The expectation...[more]

September 15, 2006 Branding Myths

Source: By Larry Checco of Checco Communications

Myth #1 - Marketing and branding are one and the same. Reality - Branding is far less about marketing, advertising and public relations, and far more about good leadership, appropriate and ethical behavior and an organization's...[more]

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