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Hank Boerner is a columnist for Accountability Central and various publications.

Hank Boerner is an widely-published author, commentator and columnist whose work appears in business and financial print and electronic publications, and on many on-line forums.  He was editor of NIRI’s Investor Relations Update monthly newsletter (2007-2010) and has been a columnist for IR Update since 1998. He is Contributing Editor and corporate governance columnist for Thompson Reuter's journal, Corporate Finance Review; and editor and publisher of the Accountability Central public platform and the INSIGHTS-edge subscriber-based platform focused on Sustainability and ESG.  He was the Emerging Issues columnist of Investor Relations Newsletter (Kennedy/BNA) and his commentary has appeared in The Financial Times, European Business Forum and other publications.

Hank's currently writes for his blog "Stay Tuned" which can be accessed at:

Hank also writes for the G&A Institute blog, "Sustainability Update" which can be accessed at:

You can also read Hank's archived blog posts on the "Accountability-Matters" blog.

An archive of his various published works and writings can be found in the "Library" section of his Web site:

March 1, 2008 Key Issues to Watch in Proxy Season 2008

Source: Hank Boerner (Corporate Finance Review March/April 2008)

It's become an annual event that institutional investment managers, their consultants/advisors, and financial analysts eagerly look forward to: The RiskMetrics Group's annual proxy season review and preview: a review of the...

February 1, 2008 Off the BeatenPath: Reaching Investors Through Regional Road Shows

Source: By Hank Boerner - (NIRI IR Update - February 2008)

Among the many changes taking place in the capital markets, and presenting greater challenges for the IR officer, are those involving face-to-face meetings with current or potential institutional investors. Do we still maintain a...

January 1, 2008 2008: Another Year of Tremors and Seismic Shifts for Finance Professionals?

Source: Hank Boerner (Corporate Finance Review January/February 2008)

Those who live in earthquake fault zones, such as the Pacific Rim, know all about earthquakes and the sudden shaking of buildings and highways. The frightening shifts of the earth's crust occur as tremendous pressure is released...

December 1, 2007 Stay Tuned! 2008 -- Will be a Year of Tremors and Quakes and Seismic Shifts for IR Professsionals?

Source: By Hank Boerner - (NIRI IR Update - December 2007)

Folks who live in California know all about earthquakes - the sudden shaking, rockin' and rollin', the frightening shifts of the earth's crust as tremendous pressure is released by the grinding of massive tectonic plates far...

November 1, 2007 The Editor's Notebook - November 2007

Source: By Hank Boerner - (NIRI IR Update - November 2007)

Interactive Data Filing - Not to Be Ignored Now; SOX Spending - Mid-cap Compliance Lessons Worth Watching by Small-caps / Micro-caps. Comments Closed - Watch for SEC Action; Life After Analysts Stop Watching?; And if You Value...

November 1, 2007 In a Blink: Research Is Confirming Key Trends in Finance, Corporate Reporting, and Capital Markets

Source: Hank Boerner (Corporate Finance Review November/December 2007)

You were certain you knew a particular thing, but the thought needed confirmation. However, there was no time for fact-finding or research. Acting on a hunch you mad a necessarily quick decision. Was your hunch right? Most often...

October 1, 2007 The Editor's Notebook - October 2007

Source: By Hank Boerner - (NIRI IR Update - October 2007)

New Disclosure Demands by Major Investors; COSO Discussion Document: Monitoring Internal Controls; So - Are We Weak or Strong Now?; Fed Watching: Just May Pay Off for IR Officers; Gatekeepers Can Better Protect Investors -...

October 1, 2007 Your Company's ESG - Environmental, Social, and Governance Factors Are Mattering More Now to Institutional Investors

Source: By Hank Boerner - (Corporate Finance Review - September/October 2007)

The financial executive's daily conversations are studded with abbreviations and acronyms - CEO, CFO, ROI, SEC, FASB, PCAOB, LBO, CDO, ROE, and many more. Add this to your collection: ESG. Chances are an increasing number of...

September 1, 2007 The Editor's Notebook - September 2007

Source: By Hank Boerner - (NIRI IR Update - September 2007)

The Times-They-May-Be-A-Changing-For-Your-Credit-Risk-Agency; You Should Get One of These...; The Toy Patrol: Here Comes Sheriff Spitzer...again!; New Circuit for Corporate Social Responsibility News; News About the 900-Pound...

August 1, 2007 The Editor's Notebook - August 2007

Source: By Hank Boerner - (NIRI IR Update - August 2007)

Happy Investors staying put? May Depend on Your Ethics; Of Course We Want the SEC to Be More User-Friendly; Shift to Watch: Mutual Fund Positions on Voting Proxies; Hedge Fund Pressure on Management: Lower Credit Quality, Higher...

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