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Hank Boerner is a columnist for Accountability Central and various publications.

Hank Boerner is an widely-published author, commentator and columnist whose work appears in business and financial print and electronic publications, and on many on-line forums.  He was editor of NIRI’s Investor Relations Update monthly newsletter (2007-2010) and has been a columnist for IR Update since 1998. He is Contributing Editor and corporate governance columnist for Thompson Reuter's journal, Corporate Finance Review; and editor and publisher of the Accountability Central public platform and the INSIGHTS-edge subscriber-based platform focused on Sustainability and ESG.  He was the Emerging Issues columnist of Investor Relations Newsletter (Kennedy/BNA) and his commentary has appeared in The Financial Times, European Business Forum and other publications.

Hank's currently writes for his blog "Stay Tuned" which can be accessed at:

Hank also writes for the G&A Institute blog, "Sustainability Update" which can be accessed at:

You can also read Hank's archived blog posts on the "Accountability-Matters" blog.

An archive of his various published works and writings can be found in the "Library" section of his Web site:

April 30, 2005 Stay Tuned ... to Corporate Governance Reforms

Source: Hank Boerner - (NIRI's Investor Relations Update - April 2005)

Corporate governance and accountability reforms of the past five years continue to roll on, and it is far from being "over," in this writer's opinion as a capital markets and corporate America trend watcher. The reforms do come...

March 1, 2005 2005: The Era of Corporate Reformation Continues

Source: Hank Boerner - (Corporate Finance Review - January/February 2005

As we turned the pages of the calendar, for the most public companies December 31 marked the close of official business; year-end financial results will soon be disclosed. The corporation's most important report card will then be...

February 28, 2005 Stay Tuned ... to Spring News Cycle: Corporate Retirement Plans; PBGC

Source: Hank Boerner - (NIRI's Investor Relations Update - February 2005)

Stay Tuned! is designed to be a heads-up commentary for corporate IROs and IR consultants, a look into a crystal ball of emerging trends. What's coming at you in 2005? Much more discussion about pensions, retirement, Social...

January 1, 2005 Pension Fund "Socialism" and the American Economy

Source: Hank Boerner - (Corporate Finance Review - November/December 2005)

In recent years, "corporate governance" has become our shorthand for a variety of developments: investor focus on board composition and performance; report cards on executive performance (and behaviors); an umbrella term for...

December 30, 2004 Stay Tuned ... Waves of Change in 2005 ... Tidal Waves for the IRO

Source: Hank Boerner - (NIRI's Investor Relations Update - December 2004)

What kind of year will 2005 be for IROs? Another tumultuos and unpredicatble year? As the corporate governance and accountability revolution continues, you can count on it. And if the equities market turns hockey stick up, will...

November 1, 2004 The Sarbanes-Oxley "Revolution": Two Years and Counting

Source: Hank Boerner - (Corporate Finance Review - September/October 2004)

t is more than two years now since the U.S. Congress voted to approve - and then rushed to the White House - the final version of the Sarbanes-Oxley package of legislation (SOX). President George W. Bush quickly put his signature...

October 30, 2004 Stay Tuned ... to Things That Go Bump in the Night

Source: Hank Boerner - (NIRI's Investor Relations Update - October 2004)

In this column, we regularly advise you to "Stay Tuned" to short- and long-term developments, trends or breaking news that could affect corporate America, individual corporations, investor relations officers and IR consultants...

September 1, 2004 Forces Shaping the Financial Professional's World

Source: Hank Boerner - (Corporate Finance Review - July/August 2004)

Corporate and capital markets finance professionals correctly sense that their professional lives are often buffeted and their practices shaped by larger, outside forces. Financial executives quickly feel the effects of social...

August 30, 2004 Stay Tuned ... to Harvey Pitt's Rules of the Road

Source: Hank Boerner - (NIRI's Investor Relations Update - August 2004)

Former Securites and Exchange Commission Chairman Harvey Pitt could be described as the right man in the wrong place - at precisely the wrong time. As he assumed his post as the 26th chair of the SEC in 2001, Pitt's many...


Source: Hank Boerner

The Investor Responsibility Research Center (IRRC) is now reporting on the peak season activities (for proxy season 2004). IRRC has issued its midyear recap and companies scorecard. Some proxy contests will stretch out to...[more]

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