What People are Saying About SustainabilityHQTM (Formerly INSIGHTS-edge)

"Our good friend Hank Boerner at Governance & Accountability Institute, Inc., has launched INSIGHTS-edge (now SustainabilityHQTM) ,an essential data platform for investor-relations officers, boards of directors and treasury departments in this brave new world of accountability and sustainability.

Times have changed.  Institutional investors in growing numbers heavily weight “sustainable” and environmental/social/governance (ESG) factors. That means IROs, boards, and corporate officers vested with meeting new measurement standards must be educated and informed differently. Hank’s team has compiled a simple, navigable, web-based treasure trove on sovereign wealth funds, pension funds and other asset managers with an estimated USD$8 trillion in assets.

INSIGHTS-edge (now SustainabilityHQTM) not only identifies these major forces but also provides a contemporary and continuously updated resource about ESG trends and developments shaping the money behind global business. A subscription shared by boards, treasuries and IR departments is rapidly becoming a necessity.  Look up INSIGHTS-edge (now.. SustainabilityHQTM) at www.SustainabilityHQ.com and test-drive it today."

Tim Quast
Managing Director 
ModernNetworks IR LLC
Software and service firm providing trading intelligence
Analytics to marquee US publicly-traded companies

 "INSIGHTS-edge (Now SustainabilityHQTM) can be a powerful tool for ESG Investors and conventional  investors that are now adopting ESG and Sustainability policies and guidelines.  This includes both asset owners and managers"

Timothy Smith
Senior Vice President
Environment, Social & Governance Group
Walden Asset Management

 "...I think it's a very good screening tool to (1) identify targeted buy side firms and (2) keep up to date on current news related issues that affect these targets.  In short, the database can provide excellent marketing functionality for active users in the institutional space (buy side as well as sell side)."

Frank Constantinople
Senior Investor Relations
and Relationship Management Executive

  "With INSIGHTS-edge (now SustainabilityHQTM) you have succeeded in amassing an abundance of high caliber information that allows an Investor Relations Officer to easily access and gain an encyclopedic knowledge of the latest global investor issues, news and rulings; resources that are critical to success in this day and age."

Stephanie Moran Baldwin
Strategic Corporate Advocates
20 years of IR and PR management

 "Sustainabilty HQ has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Environmental and Social Governance. They monitor a variety of trends when it comes to corporate responsibility and their resources are unparalleled in their field. "

Adolfo Tello
Graduate Student
University of New South Wales


Governance & Accountability Institute is a monitoring, intelligence-gathering and knowledge management center operating at the intersection of powerful forces reshaping relationships between stockholders and stakeholders, and the public corporation. The key players transforming the markets and interacting with corporate management and boards include fund owners and asset managers and their third party advisors-in sovereign wealth funds,socially responsible investment organizations, activist hedge funds, public pension funds, labor union funds, private equity firms, investment banks...and more.

G&A identifies key players, monitors their activities, conducts research, charts the players's influence on capital markets and companies, and provides news and intelligence through G&As "SustainabilityHQTM" advisory services. SustainabilityHQTM resources at the intersections of powerful capital markets players--and the public and private companies they invest in.