The Strategic Governance Self-Assessment Survey

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The Strategic Governance Self-Assessment Survey:
Your first step toward financial, environmental, and social sustainability

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”
Albert Einstein

Imagine a future in which your company is included in a mutual fund or Exchange-Traded Fund comprised of only the best-managed firms from each industry sector.  Imagine in this future your company consistently outperforming all alternative investments of comparable risk.  Imagine being considered a great company to partner with by your suppliers and vendors, a great company to work for by your employees, a great company to buy from by your customers, and a great company to invest in by your owners.  Imagine a future where all of your valued stakeholders praise your ability to integrate and manage financial, social, and environmental responsibilities in ways that meet or exceed their needs and expectations.  If you find this future desirable, you’ve come to the right place. 

Strategic Governance is a unique approach for “pulling this future into the present” while developing your organization’s overall capability into a strategic asset and sustainable competitive advantage.  To get underway, we invite you to take a few minutes to complete the Strategic Governance Self-Assessment Survey in which you rate your organization against 10 statements.  Your results will be automatically calculated and presented to you.   

As a second step, we recommend reading Strategic Governance – Enabling Financial, Environmental, and Social Sustainability, imagining along the way how you would transform your company into a model of sustainability using the Strategic Governance System.  (Information on how to order the book – coming soon.)

Then, we recommend taking the survey again from your new Strategic Governance viewpoint, and finally, developing and implementing plans to actually create this transformation.  Key point: The bigger the difference in the survey results – before and after reading the book - the bigger your opportunity for improvement.

Mark W. Sickles
Fellow, Governance & Accountability Institute
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