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    "Our good friend Hank Boerner at Governance & Accountability Institute, Inc., has launched INSIGHTS-edge (now SustainabilityHQTM) ,an essential data platform for investor-relations officers, boards of directors and treasury departments in this brave new world of accountability and sustainability.
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    Trends Converging!
    A 2016 Look Ahead of the Curve

    What’s Ahead in 2017 that Affects Corporate Citizenship, Sustainability & CSR Managers?  Sustainable/ESG Investment Professionals? The seeds of development are found in 2016 and earlier...
    A new book by Hank Boerner, Chairman of Governance & Accountability Institute. Trends Converging! is your guide to positive trends that make the case for continued progress.  Click here to download and read your complimentary copy of the book.

    Strategic Governance - Enabling Financial, Environmental, and Social Sustainability

    A book by Hank Boerner and Mark Sickles of Governance & Accountability Institute.  Click here for more information.

    Introduction to SustainabilityHQ™

    Introduction  to SustainabilityHQ™ -- this is Governance & Accountability Institute’s proprietary research and monitoring platform for following trends,  news, commentary, research and other critical information related to Sustainability and ESG factors (environmental & energy, social issues, corporate governance)  This platform is designed to the knowledge management headquarters for enterprise sustainability issues and topics. more SustainabilityHQ Introduction here.....

    ESG & Sustainability Highlights

    Most Americans Say U.S. Health Care Is in a 'State of Crisis'
    (Thursday - January 17, 2019)
    Source: Fortune
    US reportedly investigates Huawei for allegedly stealing trade secrets
    (Thursday - January 17, 2019)
    Source: Engaget
    Stock Market News: Dow Jones Led By Goldman Sachs, But Growth Stocks Lag
    (Thursday - January 17, 2019)
    Source: IBD

    USA Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Reporting

    Where Life-Changing Technology Meets Sustainability
    (Thursday - September 06, 2018)
    Source: PR Newswire
    HBC Releases 2017 Corporate Social Responsibility Report
    (Friday - August 31, 2018)
    Source: Daily Times

    Sovereign Wealth Fund Highlights

    Shorten threatens super funds will be given 'marching orders'
    (Thursday - January 17, 2019) Associated Profiles : Future Fund (Australia)
    Source: The Sydney Morning Herald
    Qatar sovereign wealth fund to boost US portfolio to $61b
    (Thursday - January 17, 2019) Associated Profiles : Qatar Investment Authority
    Source: The Straits Times
    Canada’s pension fund shows how to deliver value for retirees
    (Thursday - January 17, 2019) Associated Profiles : Future Fund (Australia)
    Source: The Australian

    Sustainability Update Recent Post

    Sustainability Update11
    There Were Many Positive Developments for Sustainability Professionals in 2018 and Much Promise for What’s To Come in 2019 – We Are Watching For You
    11. January 2019 Business & Society
    There were many positive developments and trendlines in 2018 that we believe were encouraging for corporate sustainability & responsibility managers, sustainable investing champions, NGO managers and members, and other stakeholders.  The analyses and wrap-ups are beginning to appear now in … Continue reading
    Have You Tuned in to The Green New Deal? The “GND”? — You’d Better!
    05. January 2019 Business & Society
    by Hank Boerner – Chair & Chief Strategist, G&A Institute Here we are at the start of year 2019 and the nation’s 116th U.S. Congress. Radical and exciting ideas with something for everyone from Wall Street to Main Street to … Continue reading
    Recycling – The Circular Economy: Admirable Efforts, With Significant Challenges As The Efforts Expand & Become More Complex for Businesses
    26. December 2018 Business & Society
    by Hank Boerner – Chair and Chief Strategist – G&A Institute In these closing days of the year 2018, of course, we’ll be seeing shared expert perspectives on the year now ending and a look into the new year, 2019.  … Continue reading

    Asset MGR Highlights

    Stock Market News: Dow Jones Led By Goldman Sachs, But Growth Stocks Lag
    (Thursday - January 17, 2019)
    Source: IBD
    Goldman boss apologises for 1MDB scandal
    (Thursday - January 17, 2019)
    Source: BBC

    United States Public Pension Fund Highlights

    Lawmakers renew teacher pension cost-sharing debate
    (Thursday - January 17, 2019) Associated Profiles : Connecticut Retirement Plans and Trust Funds – State Treasurer’s Office
    Source: Hartford Business Journal
    New York state comptroller urges companies to participate in Disability Equality index
    (Thursday - January 17, 2019) Associated Profiles : New York State Common Retirement Fund
    Source: Pensions&Investments

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    G&A identifies key players, monitors their activities, conducts research, charts the players's influence on capital markets and companies, and provides news and intelligence through G&As "SustainabilityHQTM" advisory services. SustainabilityHQTM resources at the intersections of powerful capital markets players--and the public and private companies they invest in.