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May 9, 2016 5:50 AM Age: 5 yrs

The GOP’s Moral Dilemma

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Source:  Larry Checco

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The soul of the Republican Party is about to be severely tested in the coming weeks and months.


Now that Donald J. Trump is the presumptive Republican candidate for president, will the GOP, for its own party interests, coalesce around someone who has proven again and again that he does not have the political skill, knowledge, consistency or temperament (expressing it nicely) to be president. 


Or will the party of Lincoln take the high road and work for the unity and salvation of our horribly polarized nation.


This decision is more than consequential; it’s existential—for both the GOP and America.


And so far, the party is leaning in the wrong direction.


Immediately after Texas Senator Ted Cruz dropped out of the race after a catastrophic loss in the Indiana primary, GOP Chairman Reince Priebus tweeted DJT’s victory and called for party unity.  


Party standard bearers—many of whom do not support DJT for president—believe there will be a lot of coalescing around him, especially as we get deeper into the general election campaign. 


And the coalescing already has begun.


Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, for example, who early on called out DJT as a “narcissist,” “egomaniac” as well as “dangerous,” among other things, now says he will vote for him.  Arizona Senator John McCain, the 2012 presidential candidate whose years as a prisoner of war in Vietnam were belittled and disparaged by Trump, has said he will support the Republican nominee.


Even Florida Senator Marco Rubio, frequently referred to as “Little Marco” by DJT, seems to be sidling towards the presumptive candidate.


Do politicians have no shame!


If you are a true conservative, think long and hard about what you stand for.  Then think about what a Trump presidency would mean for our nation, as well as for the Republican party?


·         Tax reform/deficit:  DJT’s proposal to dramatically reduce marginal tax rates and increase standard deductions, among other tax-related proposals, would, over the next decade, explode the national deficit by $9.5 trillion and reduce GDP by 4 percent, according to the Tax Policy Center.  So much for fiscal conservancy.


·         Foreign policy and U.S. leadership in the world:  Aside from saying that he and Russia's Vladimir Putin would get along just fine, remember that in January of this year the British Parliament saw fit to host an extraordinary—historic, if you will—debate over whether to ban the U.S. Republican presidential front-runner, namely DJT, from visiting the United Kingdom.  Really?!  Great Britain is a major U.S. ally.  Is Donald Trump the man we really want to represent us as leader of the free world?


·         Immigration:  We all would like to resolve the immigration issue.  But if you truly believe DJT’s claim that he can build a “beautiful” wall that Mexico would pay for—let alone that he could possibly round up and deport 11 million illegal immigrants—well, I’ve got a NYC bridge I’d like to sell you. 


·         Expanding the Republican base:  DJT has pretty much alienated every constituency the Republican Party, in its post-2012 president election “autopsy” report, said it needed to bring into its tent.  His negative ratings with women are 67 percent and higher, depending on which polls you select.  Nearly 80 percent of Hispanics rate him as “unfavorable”.  And according to recent polls, Millenials largely reject him.


This is a guy whose universe revolves around nothing less than himself. 


To his great credit, and to the great dismay of many Republicans, Democrats and Independents (in full disclosure, I’m a left-leaning Independent), through his brashness, story-telling (some call it lying), unorthodox behavior and doubling down on missteps that would have run other candidates out of the race, he has basically willed himself into his present position.


However, a Donald J. Trump presidency, with his contempt for our constitutional values, authoritarian style and low standing among other world leaders would set our country back decades.


To paraphrase a 1964 Barry Goldwater presidential campaign slogan: “In your heart of hearts, you know he’s wrong!”  (Senator Goldwater's slogan was, "in your hearts you know he's right!")


Party or country?  It’s a soulful question—and the whole world is watching and waiting for your answer.


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