Strategic Governance: Enabling Financial, Environmental, and Social Sustainability

Cover of Strategic Governance - The front and back covers of our book illustrate two natural examples of the breakthrough opportunity Strategic Governance provides: Swarming Intelligence (SI).

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them." -- Albert Einstein

"Man’s mind stretched to a new idea never goes back to its original dimensions." -- Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

This book is a unique opportunity to reorient your thinking about what’s possible for your business by introducing you to an enlightened, principle-based governance regime. When you transform this new way of thinking into effective actions, you will achieve extraordinary results simply because this "new idea" driving your actions departs from conventional wisdom. For this reason, this book is also an opportunity to achieve sustainable competitive advantage.

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Strategic Governance provides a unique opportunity to reorient your thinking about what’s possible for your business. It introduces you to an enlightened, principle-based governance regime. If you transform this new way of thinking into effective action, you can achieve extraordinary results simply because the "new idea" driving your actions departs from conventional wisdom. For this reason, Strategic Governance book is also an opportunity to achieve sustainable competitive advantage.  Read Recommendation Here

Corporate Finance Review Strategic Governance: Enabling Financial, Environmental and Social Sustainability
Ever since the global financial crisis of 2008 broke over our heads, the world has been inundated with waves of 'how to fix it' books with various pundits offering their view on how to best solve the problem and make sure it never happend again.  Some argue for more regulation, others argue for less.  Some think the fault lies with our business education system, others with short-termism on the part of investors.  I receive notices of these books on an average of once a week, and find most of them profoundly disappointing.  Then I picked up Strategic Governance - Read Recommendation Here

CPI - Corporate Public Issues 
Boerner on "Eco-System" to Strategic Governance
The Governance & Accounatbility Institute's recently published Strategic Governance sets out to provide "business leaders" with the "opportunity to integrate governance with strategy, risk, culture and corporate responsibility to achiev financial, environmental and social sustainability." Authors Hank Boerner, CEO, Governance & Accountability Institute and Mark Sickles, an "organizational architect" with the Insitute, persue the ambitious agenda from a 30,000 foot view, proposing a set of systems and principles, a Strategic Governance, both designed to help others "walk the talk."  Read Recommendation Here

About the Authors

At the NASDAQ Marketsite - From left to right Hank Boerner, Mark W. Sickles.

Hank Boerner is Chairman and CEO of Governance & Accountability Institute, a New York-based global research, news monitoring, knowledge management and strategic advisory services provider organization, serving clients in the corporate sector, capital markets, public sector and not-for-profit sector.

He has been a business strategist and management consultant and advisor for more than 25 years, frequently assisting clients with issues in management services and programs, and response to critical events and crises situations. His areas of expertise include: public and institutional governance, shareholder activism, sustainable and responsible investment, disclosure and transparency, corporate social responsibility, third-party engagement, and capital markets activities. The Institute monitors global trends in ESG and Sustainability investing, and corporate responsibility. Contact Hank at

Mark W. Sickles is an organizational architect, advisor to corporate directors and executives, author, and keynote speaker. Known as the creator of the globally renowned Shareholder Value Assurance (SVA) methodology, Mark has provided the global business community with a superior governance regime by integrating governance, strategy, risk, culture and social responsibility. He is rapidly becoming one of the most influential people in the world on this critical topic of strategic governance.

Over the years, Mark has practiced SVA and Strategic Governance to create billions of dollars of shareholder value as a senior executive, officer, director, and external consultant. As one client said, "Mark took away our opportunities to fail," leading to a dramatic increase in profitability and doubling the firm’s market value in just two years. Contact Mark at


Mark W. Sickles and GRI Chairmen Mervyn King Discuss Strategic Governance

Strategic Governance Testimonials

"The most important issue for every board director is a strong desire to focus more time on corporate strategy. Strategic Governance is a must read book for every director, CEO and senior manager to better understand the need and process to align strategy, culture, leadership and risk management for sustained corporate performance and growth."
-- Martin Coyne, Lead Director, Akamai Technologies; Former Executive Vice President, Eastman Kodak

"This book provides excellent insights into the root causes and offers practical approaches to improve Governance at organizations large and small."
-- Raj Gupta, Board Director – The Vanguard Group, Tyco International Ltd., Hewlett-Packard; Former Chairman, President, and CEO – Rohm and Haas

"I believe that this book inspires many Asian business people to rebuild our management and governance system to have a proper understanding from everybody in the world."
--Go Sato, Former Executive Vice President, Board Director, and Chairman of the Audit Committee – Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd., Japan

"This book provides a pragmatic framework that should be applied by all business leaders who aspire to build world-class organizations."
--Ralph Schonenbach, CEO, Trestle Group Board Member, Trestle Group Foundation


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