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Water Quality and Quantity Issues, News and Updates

Water, water everywhere --- and not a drop to drink...”

(from The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge)

Water – Quality & Quantity – A Very Hot Topic

Updated January 2011

Demand for water is projected to outstrip supply by a staggering 40 percent by 2030, and an estimated half the world’s population are likely to live in areas of high water stress by the same year”  -- so states  Paul Dickinson, Executive Chairman of the Carbon Disclosure Project in the CDP Water Disclosure 2010  Global Report.   The situation is getting worse rather than getting better. The pressures of over-population, climate change and increased use per capita are all causing water stresses, although unevenly, throughout the globe. 

Current impacted areas in the news include the Southwestern and Southeastern regions of the United States; China; India; Ireland; the Middle East region; Australia; and many countries in Africa.  The threat has been recognized and throughout the globe and governments, corporations and activists groups are bringing the problem to the forefront and helping to craft and influence both short and long term solutions.

Since this section was first created in 1998, the editors have screened tens of thousands of articles and posted almost 1,000 stories, commentaries and reports. Water – quality and quantity is continuing to be a Hot Topic for AC readers.  As many pundits are saying…water is becoming the new carbon.


In 2006 the United Nations World Water Development Report described the state of water on our planet as a “crisis of governance.”  While the world appears to have enough fresh water supply today, the issue is one of governance, as in water distribution, management and quality control practices.  Water quality appears to be degrading in many areas, our monitoring tells us, and water quantity (supply) is a huge issue in many of the world’s regions.

Due to a number of factors -- mismanagement, limited area resources, and environmental changes, some caused by climate change -- almost one-fifth of the planet’s population still lacks access to safe drinking water and 40 per cent of the world’s population lacks access to basic sanitation. Access to water is further restricted by national and governmental entities that regulate where the water flows, who has access and for what purpose the water is used.  

Water is also used as an economic, health and environmental weapon by the “haves” over the “have-nots.” Governments “determine who gets what water, when and how, and decide who has the right to water and related services,” said the report authors.  Water availability is also related to a range of issues intimately connected to water, from health and food security to economic development, land use, and the preservation of the natural ecosystems on which the water resources depend.

Water quality is declining in most regions of the Earth.  Regional over- population, increased industrialization, absence of proper waste water treatment -- are all contributing to the emerging crisis. Poor water quality is a key cause of poor livelihood and health. An estimated 1.6 million lives (directly or indirectly connected to water quality issues and their related diseases) could be saved each year by providing more access to safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene to the world’s poorest regions.

Access to water is not only a Third World or emerging nations’ issue -- droughts in the U.S. Southeast and quantity issues in the Southwest and in California have brought conservation, control and distribution issues to the public’s attention in the past few years.  Water in the United States is a key factor to residential and commercial development, economic stability and job growth – all issues which effect local and regional communities’ economic well-being. Water in the USA is critical to the health of agriculture and related industries.  Corporations are in the spotlight for their use of water – advocates and third party researchers are developing “water footprints” (similar to “carbon footprints”) for leading companies, such as Coca Cola, Nestle and other water-intensive industries and sectors.

The Editors of Accountability Central work to bring the many facets of Water issues -- especially quality and quantity -- into focus with news, commentary and research.  Education on the issues, public discussion and rising concern can help to bring about real and positive changes and sensible and fair solutions to the problems at hand.  Perhaps this public forum can help in some small way.  The Institute maintains a robust focus on water issues and the key players in its subscription Web-accessed knowledge management platform Sustainability HQ – click here for more

Latest on Water - Quality & Quantity

May 27, 2021 Climate crisis could trigger sewage surge in English rivers, MPs told

There will be a rise in the scale of sewage discharge into rivers and waterways due to extreme weather events as a result of the climate crisis, MPs have been told.

May 27, 2021 CP Foods’ sustainability program shows major gains in water reduction, reuse

Source: Water Technology

Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited (CP Foods), headquartered in Thailand, has recently made a sustainable strategy with focus on food security and circular economy-based operations that applies the 3Rs principle —...

May 25, 2021 Mineral water evolution: evian on meeting changing consumer demands and hitting sustainability milestones in Asia

Source: Food Navigator

Premium mineral water giant evian has launched new product formats in response to changing consumer demands in Asia, whilst also launching its first label-free, 100% recyclable bottle in the region to hit sustainability...

May 10, 2021 Editorial: There is no drought

Source: LA Times

But no — this is no drought, there is no “temporary” situation, and one-time money should not be spent to keep operations at unsustainable former levels. Money spent on programs or infrastructure that does not reflect new climate...

May 7, 2021 Polluters: Clean up your own mess

Source: The Hill

For decades, the petrochemical industry has created and profited from products that often pollute the environment and make us sick. These products become “toxic waste” when companies dump them, leave them out in the open, or...

April 30, 2021 Satellites show world’s glaciers melting faster than ever

Source: NBC News

Glaciers are melting faster, losing 31 percent more snow and ice per year than they did 15 years earlier, according to three-dimensional satellite measurements of all the world’s mountain glaciers. Scientists blame human-caused...

April 28, 2021 The ultimate guide to buying sustainable denim

Sustainable. Eco. Green. Conscious. Recycled. We regularly read these words on the tags of our clothes, but what do they actually mean? How do you know if what you are buying is actually good for the planet, and what do you need...

April 28, 2021 Coral Gables is out in front in implementing sustainable and green initiatives | Opinion

Source: Miami Herald

city officials accelerated efforts six years ago and adopted a Sustainability Management Plan that establishes goals for reducing energy and water consumption, fuel usage and overall greenhouse-gas emissions over a 10-year...

April 26, 2021 Rethinking Hydropower For Energy & Environmental Sustainability

Source: Clean Technica

A California company, Natel Energy, is hard at work developing a low-head, low-impact hydropower approach that addresses one of the leading concerns of new deployment — impacts to natural stream flows.

April 22, 2021 Sustainability is no longer a fad

Source: Campaign

Between hero spots from Procter & Gamble focused on sustainable products, to mainstream brands such as Jimmy John’s and BarkBox launching 4/20 stunts, it’s been a week of celebrating Mother Earth and all her glorious (and...

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