ESG Top Line

Here’s the top-line on ESG:
The Synergies of “E” + “S” + “G”  Factors  =
Keys to Sustainability of the Corporate Enterprise

For a steadily -increasing number of investors in the United States and especially in the European Union and United Kingdom, key qualitative factors – the non-financial, intangible factors being aggregated by investors, analysts and ratings agencies as “ESG” – are ever-more important determinants in separating the corporate winners and losers in the capital markets.

Insurers are tuning in to critical corporate ESG factors as they determine the risk profile of the enterprises they insure. A growing corps of ESG rankers, raters, scorekeepers and investment guides are marketing their services to institutional investors on all continents.

The evolving ESG framework reflects the coming together of once- disparate market forces to create powerful and comprehensive analytic and qualitative frameworks for looking beyond the numbers in determining attractive investment targets, and for evaluating the quality of the management team and board of the publicly-owned enterprise.

These market forces include:  traditional corporate governance advocates; public employee pension funds; sovereign funds; SRI (socially responsible) investors; labor union pension funds; mainstream institutions; hedge fund managers; private equity investors; social action advocates; environmental organizations; the United Nations; state and city governments; media/journalists/ authors; traditional credit risk rating agencies; foreign governments…and many more.

The Governance & Accountability Institute identifies, monitors and tracks critical trends in ESG framework development (going on around the globe) and offers a range of services and resources to help both corporate management and institutional investors reach greater understanding of the importance of ESG factors, and to seek areas of opportunity while avoiding potential crisis situations related to ESG.  We help leaders understand the importance of, and many elements of ESG and the influence of ESG factors on investing.

About the Institute
Governance & Accountability Institute, Inc. (G&A) provides actionable research and information, and independent, objective advisory services to leaders in organizations and institutions (and individuals) in the private (corporate), social and public sectors. The Institute provides resources for executives and senior managers and members of boards of corporations, institutional investors, financial services organizations, privately-owned corporations, social sector institutions, and public sector organizations.


Finally, paraphrasing Albert Einstein...

Information is just that until you add experience.  Then information + experience becomes knowledge.  The Institute team combines vast amounts of information with deep experience in the subject matter to provide clients with knowledge about ESG and Sustainability matters.  Contact us for more information on how we can help your organization.

Our powerful and comprehensive “SustainabilityHQ” Web-accessed resource is available to clients.  For information please email: Or telephone: 516-248-2383 ext 19. 

Note:  SustainabilityHQ, ESG Matters (sm), ESG-Edge and the ESG Equation (E+S+G=Sustainability) are Registered Service Marks (SM) of The Governance & Accountability Institute, Inc.



Governance & Accountability Institute is a monitoring, intelligence-gathering and knowledge management center operating at the intersection of powerful forces reshaping relationships between stockholders and stakeholders, and the public corporation. The key players transforming the markets and interacting with corporate management and boards include fund owners and asset managers and their third party advisors-in sovereign wealth funds,socially responsible investment organizations, activist hedge funds, public pension funds, labor union funds, private equity firms, investment banks...and more.

G&A identifies key players, monitors their activities, conducts research, charts the players's influence on capital markets and companies, and provides news and intelligence through G&As "SustainabilityHQTM" advisory services. SustainabilityHQTM resources at the intersections of powerful capital markets players--and the public and private companies they invest in.