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Recent Commentary

December 16, 2019 Goldman Sachs’ commercially driven plan for sustainability

Source: Financial Times

David Solomon, chief executive of Goldman Sachs, says the company will target $750bn of financing, investing and advisory activity to areas such as clean energy and sustainable food production © Bloomberg

December 12, 2019 How to Decipher “Sustainable Fashion” in 2020

Source: Harpers Bazaar

But when it comes to fashion sustainability, we are sent massively mixed signals. Does it mean local production, emerging designers, rented clothes, organic cotton, or clothing made from recycled bottles? It all seems...

December 12, 2019 JPMorgan CEO Dimon optimistic about US economy in 2020

Source: Fox Business

JPMorgan chief executive Jamie Dimon says he expects the U.S. economy to expand at a rate of 2 percent next year, though if trade tensions with China persist or erupt further with the European Union that could create a...

December 10, 2019 Asking Questions About Sustainability, Scale, and Systems Change

Source: Stanford Social Innovation Review

When nonprofits try to plan for scale, systems change, and sustainability at the same time, they can often find these expectations at odds with each other. The answer is not a zero-sum choice, but a flexible approach that focuses...

December 9, 2019 It’s possible the US economy is not ‘late cycle’ but rather just recharging

Source: CNBC

The Fed has referred to its shift from rate-hiking last year to three cuts this year as a “mid-cycle adjustment,” which would leave it on hold for now and summons happy memories of prior such Fed-enabled “soft landings.”

December 4, 2019 What a ‘no-deal’ U.S.-China trade scenario would mean for stocks and bonds

Source: MarketWatch

Imagine there’s no trade deal and that the U.S.-China battle is left to rumble on through most of next year instead.

December 3, 2019 Secretary-General's remarks at opening ceremony of UN Climate Change Conference COP25


We stand at a critical juncture in our collective efforts to limit dangerous global heating. By the end of the coming decade we will be on one of two paths.

November 29, 2019 The Fourth Industrial Revolution is redefining the economy as we know it

Source: World Economic Form

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) upends current economic frameworks. Who makes money - and how - has changed. Demographics have changed. Even the skills that brought our society to where we are today have changed. Leaders...

November 27, 2019 Opinion: Intel sticks some coal in Dell and HP’s Christmas stockings

Source: MarketWatch

HP Inc. HPQ, -0.45% and Dell Technologies Inc. DELL, -3.40% both admitted Tuesday that they expect a negative impact on their future results as a result of chip shortages for which Intel apologized last week.

November 27, 2019 Cramer: The stock market will continue rallying despite trade war, impeachment and other concerns

Source: CNBC

The stock market continues to rally, even though the trade war has not been resolved, the yield curve is flattening again, and some opioid makers are facing another criminal probe.

November 22, 2019 Four Truths and One Lie About Sustainability

Source: Forbes

he companies that drive our economy increasingly want to embrace it, for the good of the planet and the future generations that will make it their home. But what’s at stake as corporations go green? What challenges will arise?...

November 18, 2019 Is Sustainable Investing Moving Into the Mainstream?

Source: Harvard Business Review

Sustainable investing, which incorporates environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria into investment decisions, has been gaining more attention among both individual investors and asset managers in the world’s largest...

November 12, 2019 ‘This is the most prosperous economy the world has ever seen’ says Jamie Dimon — and it’s going to continue

Source: MarketWatch

“The consumer, which is 70% of the U.S. economy, is quite strong,” he said. “Confidence is very high. Their balance sheets are in great shape. And you see that the strength of the American consumer is driving the American economy...

November 6, 2019 James Breslo: California's housing crisis -- Blame Facebook, Google, Apple? Nope, here's the real culprit

Source: Fox Business

Who is responsible for California’s affordable housing crisis? If you listen to the state’s Democrats, their oppressive housing regulations have nothing to do with it. Rather, big, bad, for-profit technology corporations are to...

November 5, 2019 Remember: it’s austerity, not Europe, that broke Britain

Source: The Guardian

As that great New York Times commentator Roger Cohen put it recently: “Britain is stuck … The fantasy voted for in 2016 is not the reality of 2019 … Democracies are exercises in constant reassessment. The core reason nobody has...

November 1, 2019 Fiat Chrysler merger with PSA more likely than Renault deal

Source: Detroit News

No plant closures, fewer government ties and independence from other entangling partnerships means Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV’s proposed merger with French automaker Groupe PSA has a better chance of success than it had with...

October 31, 2019 Boris Johnson has inadvertently taught us the greatest skill in politics: compromise

No British government has been elected by a majority of voters since 1935. All the others, even those with so-called landslides, have won with minority support. As party loyalties become looser and voters shop around between more...

October 30, 2019 Business Reporter: Integrating Sustainability Into Business

Source: Business Reporter

In an article published in Business Reporter, Ulrika Wedberg, Head of Sustainable Business at global engineering group Sandvik, says 'Innovation, business and the improvement of the human condition have long been intertwined.'

October 29, 2019 Chemours CEO: We're committed to sustainability. Here's how (Opinion)

Source: Delaware on Line

This much is clear: the demands of our world and its burgeoning population are not going away. And with each passing year, they become more pressing, more urgent, and it’s up to all of us to face those expectations head-on.

October 17, 2019 Capitalism is dead. Long live capitalism

Source: Fast Company

For capitalism to thrive, the system needs to evolve to be fair, inclusive, and sustainable. Fast Company highlights companies and innovators leading the change.

October 15, 2019 Editorial: Just what is sustainable?

Source: Trib Live

Sustainable is a great new buzzword. It sounds great. Sustainable. It’s hard to argue with the idea of sustainability. Who doesn’t want something to keep going?

October 11, 2019 Opinion: Ban billionaires? What progressive Democrats don’t understand about the economy

Source: MarketWatch

Democratic presidential contender Bernie Sanders says we should ban billionaires. It’s all part of the growing trend in the idea of wealth taxes that have become popular with some Democrats

October 7, 2019 There’s a theory that stingy millennials are to blame for the sluggish economy

Source: CNBC

Millennials — the selfie obsessed, avocado toast-loving generation — might be behind slower economic growth, according to a research note last week from Raymond James. This new generation, scarred by the financial crisis, is...

October 7, 2019 Fashion’s Next Major Battlefield: Sustainability

Source: Fortune

Unfortunately, the fashion industry is not providing enough sustainable choices that are also accessible, affordable, and offer great value—three of the most important criteria for 95% of millennials.

October 3, 2019 P&G exec: Promising sustainability is easy; delivering on that promise is hard

Source: Plastics News

Chicago — Pledging to use recycled plastics in new packaging is easy. Actually doing it is a different story, according to an executive at one of the world's largest consumer goods companies.

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