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Recent Commentary

August 16, 2018 With half the planet saved for nature, will we have enough to eat?

Source: Anthropocene Magazine

The idea of devoting half of Earth’s terrestrial surface to rich, intact forms of nature has stirred conservationist imaginations in the last few years. It’s an inspiring vision, simple yet powerful, a bright aspiration amidst...

August 16, 2018 Sustainability And Disruption: Natural Twins

Source: Seeking Alpha

There is strong evidence that investment trends continue to favor those companies transforming the world for the better. We believe that only those firms committed to building a sustainable economy are likely to thrive in an...

August 13, 2018 Coffee Drinkers Have The Power To Make The Habit More Sustainable

Source: Huff Post UK

A study in 2018 released by the British Medical Journal determined that 3-4 cups per day can decrease chance of stroke and heart disease among other benefits – coffee drinkers worldwide will concur that it’s absolutely imperative...

August 13, 2018 Trump's trade war advantage: The US economy is 'firing on all cylinders,' says expert

Source: CNBC

China's power may have been overrated and the U.S. economy is staying strong, meaning that U.S. President Donald Trump has an advantage in the trade war, according to one expert.

August 9, 2018 Is Stella McCartney The Queen Of Sustainability?

Source: Refinery 29

After launching her eponymous fashion label in October 2001 under a 50/50 venture with luxury conglomerate Kering, the daughter of Beatles member Paul McCartney saw immediate success with her eco-friendly ready-to-wear, men's,...

August 8, 2018 Don’t despair – climate change catastrophe can still be averted

Source: The Guardian

The future looks fiery and dangerous, according to new reports. But political will and grassroots engagement can change this


Source: The Outline

In early January, there was a crisis in Cape Town, South Africa. According to the city’s Department of Water and Sanitation, the coastal metropolis had access to enough water to last its population of 430,000 just 90 days.

August 7, 2018 Question Of The Week: What Sustainability Means Today

Source: Facility Executive

In the 1700s, sustainability meant “sustained yield” and referred to harvesting just enough trees so that the forest could naturally regenerate tree growth. What does the term mean for your facilities in 2018?

August 6, 2018 Our climate plans are in pieces as killer summer shreds records

Source: CNN

Deadly fires have scorched swaths of the Northern Hemisphere this summer, from California to Arctic Sweden and down to Greece on the sunny Mediterranean. Drought in Europe has turned verdant land barren, while people in Japan and...

August 6, 2018 Design Thinking: Making Sustainability Irresistible

Source: Clean Technica

The sustainable lifestyle is a conscious choice for the very few: eco-fans of all sorts and a small proportion of new green technocrats. And this is bad news for us all, because this minority?—?no matter how vegan, ascetic and...

August 6, 2018 Sustainability Squared


magine a world in which all people enjoyed a decent modern lifestyle without unduly degrading the natural resources on which future generations will depend. In such a world, people would live healthy, safe, well-educated lives,...

August 3, 2018 All The Reasons Tesla Stock Popped After The Q2 Conference Call

Source: Seeking Alpha

Model 3 US market share for the midsize luxury category surpassed all competitors combined. This was outlined in the shareholder newsletter but also mentioned again in the call. This means the majority of cars sold in this...

July 31, 2018 Why we need a corporate kick to reboot sustainable public policy

Source: GreenBiz

What’s needed is a holistic reboot of public policy to assure a sustainable future for companies and society. The only way for governments to succeed at this task is with the support and involvement of industry allies.

July 30, 2018 UCLA staff’s book explores intersection of sustainability, marketing

Source: Daily Bruin

“There’s kind of the disconnect between people saying they would like to do something and their actual actions. Very few people are willing to sacrifice their comfort for the environment,” Delmas said.

July 30, 2018 Wall Street finally taught Zuckerberg the lesson he deserved

Source: NY Post

While Zuckerberg spent the first half of 2018 listening to but not really hearing complaints about how Facebook mishandles user data, it’s a good bet he’s listening now. All told, Thursday’s trading vaporized $119 billion of the...

July 27, 2018 An integrated approach is needed toward sustainability

Source: Ahwatukee Foothills News

f we want to create a society in Arizona that is more than a series of booms and busts, we need to make the fit between nature and culture more like a membrane and less like a life-support system. There is too much at stake in...

July 26, 2018 Earnings Preview: Don't Overlook These Metrics

Source: The Motley Fool

When (NASDAQ:AMZN) reports its second-quarter results after market close on Thursday, investors will be watching closely. Shares have surged recently, rising 58% year to date and 27% in the past three months alone....

July 24, 2018 Seven Experts Debate The Future Of Tesla And Elon Musk | CNBC

Source: CNBC/YouTube

Tesla's future is a hotly debated topic. And even more so after Elon Musk's recent outbursts on Twitter and recent headlines that the electric car company is asking suppliers for refunds. From noted short-seller and Tesla bear...

July 24, 2018 CNNMoney exclusive: Jamie Dimon on the trade war, infrastructure 'emergency' and Trump

Source: CNN

JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon is worried the economy's momentum could be derailed by President Donald Trump's trade wars.

July 23, 2018 The 8 attributes of successful sustainability leaders

Source: GreenBiz

"I was fortunate to see firsthand how courageous trailblazers used all different leadership styles to produce significant positive, sometimes transformational changes."

July 18, 2018 Are sustainability certification schemes fit for purpose?

Source: Ethical Corp

Two recent reports point to major failings in schemes such as the Marine Stewardship Council and Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil. Angeli Mehta dives deep to assess the claims and counter-claims in seafood certification

July 11, 2018 Solving deep problems with corporate governance requires more than rearranging deck chairs

Source: The Conversation

As the Financial Services Royal Commission rolls on, it’s increasingly likely commissioner Kenneth Hayne will make sweeping recommendations about banking regulation and the governance of Australia’s largest corporations.

July 11, 2018 3 tips for keeping your moral compass on course

Source: Emporia Gazette

“The roots of the problem are not only in misplaced, society-influenced priorities but in a widespread belief that ‘good’ people make the good decisions and ‘bad’ people make the unethical ones.

July 9, 2018 Global SRI: Spotlight Shines On Sustainability

Source: Seeking Alpha

Our belief is companies that are committed to building a sustainable economy are likely to thrive in an environment that is rapidly evolving.

June 27, 2018 CSR is dead: Long live sustainability as corporate strategy

Source: GreenBiz

Corporate social responsibility departments are dead — as are all the consultants, academics, conference organizations and lecturers who prey on them. We have just completed two decades of buzzwords, imitation tactics,...

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