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Ken Gordon Columns

Ken Gordon is Senate Majority Leader – State of Colorado.  His commentary appears regularly in Accountability Central.  Ken grew up in Detroit and studied Econmics and Political Science at the University of Michigan (1967-71). He moved to Colorado after graduating from Boston University (with a law degree) in 1975 and served as Colorado Public Defender, representing minorities and low-income clients. Ken then was in private law practice for 14 years and in 1992 was elected to the Colorado House of Representatives.  “I ran for office because I wanted to help protect the environment,” Ken explained, and also made campaign finance reform a major part of his campaigning. He has never taken a PAC contribution.  Ken has served as Minority Leader in the House, Senate Judiciary Chair and now, as Majority Leader.

July 25, 2012 People...Not Money.

Source: Ken Gordon, Clean

It would take you less than an hour to drive from Columbine High School to the Century 16 movie theater in Aurora. Both venues are in the suburbs of Denver and subject to the laws created by the Colorado Legislature.[more]

March 8, 2012 Fracking plans included in TAG Oil's expansion

Source: Otago Daily Times

Controversial Canadian oil and gas explorer TAG Oil has announced a $C66 million investment in new drilling and production facilities in New Zealand, including reopening the search for so-called "tight'' oil and gas in the...

February 25, 2011 Moneypolitics

Source: Ken Gordon

Moneypolitics: Noun. A political system created in the United States by the Supreme Court circa 2010, whereby wealth has nearly the entirety of the political power. The system is characterized by large numbers of television ads...[more]

September 22, 2010 'Super PACs' Multiply to Sway Election

Source: Ken Gordon

The case that they are referring to is Citizens United v. the Federal Election Commission, which says that corporations and unions have free speech rights. And since the Supreme Court in an earlier decision, Buckley v. Valeo,...[more]

August 18, 2009 All For One and One For All

Source: Ken Gordon

Below is my most recent blog entry "Withhold Your Cheers." If you would like to comment on it please go to the blog so others can see what you have written. In the comments last week some people complained that others were...[more]

August 7, 2009 Are People Who Listen to Rush Freaks?

Source: Ken Gordon

Starting August 17th I am going to be teaching at Denver University Law School. The course will be called “Law and the Creation of Public Policy.” I am excited at the opportunity. Long term readers will recognize themes in the...[more]

June 24, 2009 Mail Order Brides

Source: Ken Gordon

On the front page of the Denver Post last Friday was a story about a radio-tagged wolverine that had travelled from northern Wyoming to Colorado. He had come over 500 miles, crossing, among other obstacles, Interstate 80. The...[more]

April 20, 2009 The Minority Dilemma

Source: Ken Gordon

I was recently in Washington D.C. with my sister and nephew. He is a junior in high school and is looking at colleges in the area. [more]

January 30, 2009 How to be in the majority

Source: Ken Gordon

I recently went to a funeral of a friend's mother in Toronto. She was 93 when she died. She was much loved and the funeral chapel was full of friends and relatives who ranged in age from people in their 80's and 90's down...[more]

May 8, 2008 Gordon's Rules of Legislative Conduct

Source: Ken Gordon

Today is the last day of my last session in the Colorado General Assembly. I actually can't find words to describe the experience except to say that it was honor to be chosen by the people of my district to represent them and an...[more]

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