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Ken Cynar Columns

Ken Cynar is Executive Vice President of the Governance & Accountability Institute, Inc. and Executive Editor of this Web site – Accountability Central.  He has served in senior management positions in government, private industry and not-for-profit organizations over his 30+ year career as a professional communicator.  He is a recognized crisis and issues management expert who has handled a wide range of “headline-making” critical and crisis events, including airline crash scenes, police actions, public health crises, natural disasters, and public sector fiscal emergencies.  His government assignments included community development / industrial development, liaison with the business sector, and with media.  He brings these fine-honed skills to bear in editing and shaping the coverage of Accountability Central.  Having walked the halls of government for many years, his “nose” leads him where breaking stories are found.  And his commentary (here) “tells-it-like-it-is” for readers.  Read Ken's Profile Here.

April 11, 2014 Obamacare - Did We Disrupt the Medical Insurance Process for the Benefit of 1.9 million People and P.O. the other 312.5 million Americans?

Source: Ken Cynar, Exec.VP, Governance & Accountability Institute

Reforming of the Medical Insurance process in this country was necessary, but Obamacare...I just don’t know. I was a vocal critic of the process which was adopted by Congress to pass Obamacare. There was secrecy, back room...[more]

May 21, 2013 What Exporting U.S. Natural Gas Means for the Climate - The U.S. Department of Energy made a big announcement late last week, green lighting the countryâs second liquefied natural gas (LNG) export project. Many argue that natural gas exports will bring...

May 17, 2013 Obama administration issues draft fracking regulations

Source: Washington Post

The Obama administration drew criticism from both environmental and oil industry groups on Thursday after issuing a new draft of regulations for fracking on federal and Indian lands. In its first update of hydraulic fracturing...

November 6, 2012 Sandy: Angry Winds and Surging Water - The Big One Finally Hit

Source: Ken Cynar, Executive Editor, Accountability Central

It's been a week since the storm know as "Sandy" dug her claws into the Northeast , especially my home community on Long Island, NY. Winds howling for more than a day at speeds of over 90 miles an hour; crashing ocean waves...[more]

December 21, 2011 On Being a New Yorker...

Source: Ken Cynar, executive vice-president, Governance and Accountability Institute

This past weekend I had an opportunity to have a Christmas outing to New York City, just a short car ride from home. This time of the year the city is at its best. The air is crisp and even a bit cold; the people, speaking...[more]

November 10, 2011 Tell me the story of the common soldier...

Source: By Ken Cynar, executive vice-president, Governance and Accountability Institute

Fabled World War II war correspondent Ernie Pyle wrote and I now paraphrase ...Tell me the story of the common soldier and I can tell you the story of any war. [more]

November 3, 2011 Occupy Wall Street – answers to some, but not all the questions.

Source: Ken Cynar, Executive Vice President, Governance and Accountability Institute

For weeks now small groups of people have been carry placards and pitching tents and occupying somewhere: Wall Street, Dublin, London, Oakland, Seattle, and more communities in the United States. And the “occupy” movement is...[more]

October 19, 2011 Voices of Ireland – we should have learned something by now!

Source: By Ken Cynar, Executive Vice President, Governance and Accountability Institute

The wind was strong, the rain gentle, the people warm, the roads narrow, the music traditional, the landscape dramatic, and the history troubled. Such are the images I took with me from my trip to Ireland this past week. From...[more]

September 6, 2011 9/11: A personal story

Source: Ken Cynar – Executive Editor, Accountability Central

Ten years ago the events on 9/11 in New York City, Washington, DC, and in a cornfield in Pennsylvania were seared into the American consciousness. In the coming days those events will be retold, analyzed, dissected and commented...[more]

August 17, 2011 The Economic Upheaval – Who’s Fault, is it?

Source: Ken Cynar, Executive Vice President of the Governance & Accountability Institute

I usually make a point of never writing a column when I am angry. Matter of fact I don’t think anything should be written when you are email, a letter or a memo (you remember those written with the heat building!). ...[more]

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