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Ernie Fazio Columns

November 16, 2012 How much do we spend on nuclear waste?


According to Decc's 2012/13 budget, taken from its 2012–15 business plan, dealing with "nuclear legacy" issues costs around £2.5 billion a year, more than 42% of Decc's total budget. Of that, around £1.6 billion is spent on...

April 9, 2012 Green groups sue EPA over coal ash rules

Source: Reuters

A coalition of environmental groups filed a lawsuit on Thursday to force the Obama administration to finalize new rules regulating the containment and disposal of coal ash, a power plant byproduct activists say threatens public...

April 2, 2009 The Suits – It Was Them Then…and Now

Source: Ernie Fazio

It was about 1964. I had been discharged from the US Coast Guard a few years earlier, and I was now working in the construction department of what was then the New York Telephone Company. At the same time I was going to night...[more]

September 29, 2008 Long Island Mid-Suffolk Business Action Speaker Robert McMillan

Source: By Ernie Fazio, LIMBA

Our speaker the other day was Robert McMillan. McMillan, until June of this year, served on the board of the American Medical Association. McMillan began by giving us some pretty staggering numbers on the cost of health care....[more]

July 2, 2008 LIMBA July 4th greeting- Happy Birthday America

Source: Ernie Fazio

Every time I see the American flag it produces a feeling of solemnity as opposed to national pride. Yes I feel national pride for the values that it represents, but the solemnity comes from knowing that the flag represents a...[more]

January 15, 2008 Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 2008

Source: Ernie Fazio

“You cannot go back to where you have never been”-- I heard that expression recently and it set off a process in my convoluted mind. I had been reflecting on my comments about Martin Luther King, Jr. that I wrote last year. [more]

December 26, 2007 Christmas- Chanukah 2007 Message

Source: Ernest Fazio

Where I grew up our fathers would worked from dawn until unconscious, if lucky enough to have a job. Fathers had no desire, or the time to interfere with our baseball games. Little League was probably happening somewhere but not...[more]

November 21, 2007 Thanksgiving Message – 2007

Source: Ernie Fazio

There is so much to fear in the world. It’s worse now than it’s ever been. Really? I think the first person to voice that lament was probably Plato. Yes there is much to fear, and there always has been, and probably always...[more]

September 3, 2007 Labor Day 2007

Source: Ernie Fazio

I was thinking recently about the intelligence of labor. I mean physical labor. There is an unspoken belief that physical labor is somehow short of intellectual input. It is truly a silly assumption. But I'm afraid that too many...[more]



In 1961 I had been working for the New York Telephone company for little more than a year. My new assignment was at New York International Airport, or “Idlewild” as it was known locally (now Kennedy International). I was a...[more]

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