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Accountability Central Alerts

The alerts below are provided as an added-value to Accountability-Central's readers.  The registered users of Accountability-Central recieve these alerts on a timely basis once a week.

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DISCLAIMER (broken links possible):  “We leave an archive of the Accountability Central alerts for you as a service to our loyal readers.  Due to the fact that some of these alerts are timely and link out to external sites for news, commentary, and research that we felt was valuable to you the reader, there may be some older versions where links are no longer valid.  Unfortunately we can not control the links which lead off of our site, but we felt that the titles and comments would still be valuable to our users in the future.  Often, if a story is of great interest to you, you can search for the title or source through the various search engines of the internet (I.E. Google)”

Accountability Central Alerts by Date

July 28, 2011 AC Alert for July 28, 2011 Celebrating Independence Day... ... in Another Part of Our World

Source: Governance & Accountability Institute

The irony of how close the dates were cannot be ignored. Monday July 4th: Americans from sea-to-shining sea, and around the world, waived the familiar stars and stripes, cooked their burgers and watched fireworks to celebrate the...[more]

July 19, 2011 AC Alert for July 19, 2011 Investing for the Right Reasons = Doing Well/Doing Good

Source: Governance & Accountability Institute

Considerable attention was focused last week on Wall Street to see how the stock market would react to the continuing “to the brink” US debt limit negotiations in Washington, DC. Some political pundits had predicted a financial...[more]

July 11, 2011 AC Alert for July 11, 2011 The Time of the Season

Source: Governance & Accountability Institute

For baseball fans: This is the week when the best players in the majors gather for the annual All-Star Game, being held this year in Arizona. And NY Yankees’ Derek Jeter hit his 3,000th hit! The whole country cheered.[more]

July 5, 2011 AC Alert for July 5, 2011 What Do These People Have In Common?

Source: Governance & Accountability Institute

They are very well known throughout the US and the world: Former US Presidents George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Gerald Ford; and, Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito. But what do they have in common? Their political views? Doubtful....[more]

June 29, 2011 AC Alert for June 29, 2011 Energy Issues: Everywhere You Look

Source: Governance & Accountability Institute

A good friend of one of our editors, who has always lived in the big city, recently closed on the purchase of a townhome in the Carolinas. His experience traveling to the closing from the northeast and then making crucial choices...[more]

June 22, 2011 AC Alert for June 22, 2011 Maintaining The Separation Between News & Commentary

Source: Governance & Accountability Institute

With all the dramatic, history-making events playing out across the country and around the world today, there's a wealth of comment and opinion available to even the most casual print or on-line reader, radio listener or...[more]

June 6, 2011 AC Alert for June 6, 2011 Water - Seasonal Issue for Some Is Crucial Year ‘Round to Others

Source: Governance & Accountability Institute

When major sections of the country experience prolonged hot dry weather, as we are seeing now in portions of the South and West, red flags go up about water quality and quantity.[more]

June 1, 2011 AC Alert for June 1, 2011 Pension System Abusers: The exception or the rule?

Source: Governance & Accountability Institute

The instances of double dipping by retired municipal workers...those who go back on their system payrolls while also collecting a pension...are well known by now. The mainstream media has devoted considerable attention to this...[more]

May 24, 2011 AC Alert for May 24, 2011 Is it a year already? The Flash Crash Scare is Still With Us

Source: Governance & Accountability Institute

A few weeks back we probed your memory by asking where you were and what you were doing when the word of several historic events had occurred (the JFK assassination, Pearl Harbor attack, 9/11 attacks). We passed another milestone...[more]

May 16, 2011 AC Alert for May 16, 2011 Executive Compensation: Still a Hot Button Issue for Investors

Source: Governance & Accountability Institute

One of our AC editorial assistants eased her car into a service station last week to fill up in preparation for a weekend journey -- $68 later she began thinking about the many people on limited incomes (seniors and the...[more]

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