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SustainabilityHQ Intro


Introduction to SustainabilityHQ™


About Governance & Accountability Institute’s SustainabilityHQ™ Resources

  • SustainabilityHQ is G&A’s proprietary Web-accessed resource for identifying, researching, monitoring and understanding the key global players now shaping corporate reputations, investor perceptions, factoring in ESG and Sustainability performance, and influencing capital markets decision-making by key stakeholders. And determining tomorrow’s capital markets winners, losers and laggards.

  • SustainabilityHQ™  provides you with powerful resource… available by annual site license fee…specifically designed to help investment professionals and corporate managers and boards understand and address and manage critical ESG and Sustainability factors that influence institutional investors and their advisors and help shape the capital markets, and by disciplined process, help to separate tomorrow’s markets.

  • G&A Institute is a knowledge management, monitoring and intelligence-gathering service provider, providing advisory services to clients in the investment, corporate and social sectors.  The Institute operates at the intersection of powerful forces influencing investment management professionals and corporate managers and boards, and shaping corporate reputations and valuations.  We watch the watchers…who are monitoring the corporate and investment communities.

  • We identify, profile, monitor and analyze the key global Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) capital market players – including institutional investors and their advisors; outside asset managers, financial researchers, rating agencies; investor coalitions; and growing number of collaborative global initiatives. These market players are shaping global and domestic capital markets and advancing ESG frameworks for investment professionals.  Their influence and momentum builds every day.

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SustainabilityHQ Resources include vital information on:

  • ESG / Sustainability Key Players – The key capital markets players and the important market influencers are deciding the winners in European, North America, Asian, Middle East, and Australia/Pacific corporate investing. SustainabilityHQ profiles the players in ESG research and analytics, corporate governance, investor coalitions, carbon issues, credit rating agencies, United Nations global initiatives, corporate social responsibility, business & industry alliances, and think tanks. Trillions’ of dollars of investments are now guided by ESG and Sustainability principles – deciding access to capital and the cost of capital for publicly-held companies.

  • Sovereign Wealth Funds – now a USD$3.5 trillion to $5 trillion segment of the global capital markets – and growing in size of assets and market influence by the day.  Most funds invest in the North America and Europe. There are over 60 SWFs now, investing for their nations in foreign markets, and the number of nation-state Funds is steadily expanding.  A number of funds follow ESG investment frameworks.  The SWFs invest in corporate equities, sovereign debt, fixed-income instruments, venture capital, private equity, REITS, real estate, buy entire companies, and participate in investment pools.

  • US Public Employee Pension Funds – with collectively trillions of US dollars invested in equities, fixed-income, hedge funds, real estate, alternative investments, and more…and a growing number have embraced ESG and Sustainability investment frameworks.  The funds’ investments are spread across many sectors and instruments.

  • We conduct continuous monitoring and research, chart the key players’ influence on capital markets, and provide clients with actionable intelligence and advice for strategy-setting and decision-making.

  • We focus on the relationships between the corporate sector and both stockholders and stakeholders; and the global ESG forces shaping the future reputations and valuations of publicly-held enterprises.  Note:  ESG and Sustainability are sometimes used alternatively by investors to describe the same approach.


SustainabilityHQ Profile:
Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA - Dubai)


Why ESG Matters

  • Think of “environment and energy, social issues, and corporate governance” factors – these are increasingly important to investors. Today, these intangible, non-financial factors are being measured and rated and are accounting for an ever increasing portion of a company’s overall market valuation.  And they have become tangible measures of valuation to a growing number of institutional investors in North America and Europe.

  • The ESG metrics are often referred to under various banners….but essentially boil down to  Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors…which are key for investors in determining the long-term Sustainability of their investments, including corporate equity and debt.

  • What is critical…is to recognize these changes are taking place now …and they will dramatically affect the future of many of the public companies…sooner than most expect.


  • To highlight the growing importance of ESG trends to institutional investors, and their asset managers and advisors, as well as to leaders of major corporations, and leaders in the public sector, and to advance general public understanding, we established a public-access Web-based forum   ESG and Sustainability topics are featured throughout this publicly-accessible resource.

  • Over the last two years has become the preeminent vehicle for generating discussion and transparency among concerned citizens, political leaders, consumer & social advocates and business leaders. It reaches an annual audience of nearly 1 million concerned and committed readers around the globe…providing them timely news, research and a wide range of perspectives and opinions on key ESG issues and investment trends.

We would like to introduce you to G&A's unique and powerful resources, and demonstrate some of the ways SustainabilityHQ can help managers and investors make wiser decisions in shaping their organizations’ future.  For information:

Hank Boerner - Chairman
Governance & Accountability Institute, Inc.
215 Park Avenue South, 10th Floor
New York, New York 10003
Tel  646.430.8230 ext 19

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