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News & Information

April 15, 2015 Top 20% of Earners Pay 84% of Income Tax

Source: Wall Street Journal

The individual income tax remains the most important levy in the U.S., providing nearly half of federal revenue. This is unusual: On average, developed nations get only one-third of their revenue from income taxes. Typically they...

April 15, 2015 Best boss in America? CEO raises firm's minimum wage to $70k after reading study on happiness

Source: Telegraph

The boss of a technology start-up in Seattle shocked his employees by announcing he was taking a massive pay cut in order to raise the salaries of the firm's lowest-paid staff.

April 14, 2015 Top 1% pay nearly half of federal income taxes

Source: CNBC

The top-earning 1 percent of Americans will pay nearly half of the federal income taxes for 2014, the largest share in at least three years, according to a study.

April 14, 2015 Today’s Equal Pay Day — so how do we fix the pay gap?

Source: Fusion

Guess what today is? It’s Equal Pay Day – and yes, this is still a problem in this country. Women make up nearly half of the American work force, but still earn only 78 cents for every dollar a man earns. That percentage is even...

April 7, 2015 The American people are clueless: Why income inequality is so much worse than we realize

Source: Salon

In a candid conversation with Frank Rich last fall, Chris Rock said, “Oh, people don’t even know. If poor people knew how rich rich people are, there would be riots in the streets.” The findings of three studies, published over...

April 2, 2015 McDonald's is raising wages by 10% for some of its workers

Source: Business Insider

McDonald's is raising wages by 10% for some of its workers.The Big Mac chain will also add benefits like paid vacation for workers, the company said Wednesday.

March 30, 2015 THE TRUTH ABOUT SHRINKING WALL ST. PAY: The rich are getting richer & the 'middle class' of banking is going away

The Business Insider - Getty Images / Alexander HassensteinStephen Schwarzman, CEO and founder of îThe Blackstone Groupî In some ways, Blackstone CEO and co-founder Stephen Schwarzman is like most of the folks who go...

March 29, 2015 America's shrinking middle class - They compare industries and occupations based on their exposure to Chinese offshoring after Chinaâs accession to the îWorld Trade Organizationî in 2001. They find that when exposure is greater, wage...

March 24, 2015 Poverty rate in US drops for the first time since 2006

Economic Times - WASHINGTON: The poverty rate in the United States has dropped for the first time since 2006, bringing a bit of encouraging news about the nation's economy as President Barack Obama and Congress gear up for the...

March 24, 2015 Clinton: US Needs Solutions to Income Inequality

Source: ABC News

Approaching a likely presidential campaign announcement next month, Hillary Rodham Clinton said Monday that income inequality and wage stagnation are problems that go hand-in-hand and the nation needs creative solutions to...

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