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News & Information

September 22, 2017 IT is Fueling Wealth and Income Inequality

Source: Project Syndicate

While innovations in information technology have transformed how people live, work, and connect, the IT industry's growth pattern has contributed to a widening gap between rich and poor. Addressing it will require new taxation...

September 15, 2017 Record Gap Between Income Measures Shows Rising Inequality

Source: NewsMax

On the surface, Census Bureau data released Tuesday showed little change in the gap between rich and poor because the traditional measure of income inequality – the Gini index – was basically steady from 2015 to 2016. But the...

September 14, 2017 Trump: Rich people 'will not be gaining at all' under tax plan

Source: The Hill

President Trump said Wednesday that wealthy individuals "will not be gaining at all" from his tax plan, as he seeks Democratic support for his push to rewrite the tax code.

September 11, 2017 What the Rich Won’t Tell You

Source: NY Times

Over lunch in a downtown restaurant, Beatrice, a New Yorker in her late 30s, told me about two decisions she and her husband were considering. They were thinking about where to buy a second home and whether their young children...

September 7, 2017 Germany's economic strength masks rising inequality

Source: NBC 2

A third of all income ends up in the pockets of just 10% of Germans, according to the German Institute for Economic Research.

September 5, 2017 To Understand Rising Inequality, Consider the Janitors at Two Top Companies, Then and Now

Source: NY Times

Gail Evans and Marta Ramos have one thing in common: They have each cleaned offices for one of the most innovative, profitable and all-around successful companies in the United States.

August 18, 2017 Russia And U.S. Are Nearly Tied As Leaders In Income Inequality

Source: Huff Post

olitics in the United States might look increasingly like Russia, with a macho president who bashes the press, promotes loyal propagandists, contests elections and winks at white nationalists. But when it comes to how wealth is...

August 14, 2017 What Would It Really Take to Reverse Inequality?

Source: Common Dreams

While there is now widespread understanding that extreme income and wealth inequality is growing and has negative impacts on society, most proposed solutions fail to address deeper systemic drivers. If we misdiagnose an illness,...

August 11, 2017 Wealth inequality is even worse than income inequality

Source: The Week

As of 2015, the top 1 percent of American households in terms of wealth ownership enjoy 35 percent of the pie all by themselves. The top 10 percent own a staggering 76 percent of all wealth.

August 7, 2017 How the upper middle class keeps everyone else out

Source: PBS

Scholar Richard Reeves, author of “Dream Hoarders,” argues that the top 20 percent has created an even starker divide with behaviors and policies that limit economic mobility for lower-income groups. Reeves joins Hari Sreenivasan.

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