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News and Information

News and Information

March 19, 2018 VIDEO: What will Brexit mean for the environment?

Source: The Ecologist

One in five of the UK’s environmental protection policies has been put together at an EU level. This collaborative approach has been essential, argues Craig Bennett in his Resurgence Talk, given that environmental problems know...

March 19, 2018 Water shortages could affect 5bn people by 2050, UN report warns

Source: Guardian

Conflict and civilisational threats likely unless action is taken to reduce the stress on rivers, lakes, aquifers, wetlands and reservoirs

March 16, 2018 Weathering Trump's skepticism, U.S. officials still fighting global warming

Source: Reuters

WASHINGTON/OSLO - U.S. President Donald Trump has bashed international efforts to combat climate change and questioned the scientific consensus that global warming is dangerous and driven by human consumption of fossil fuels.

March 16, 2018 Carbon emissions in the UK have fallen below 1891 levels

Source: Quartz

The UK dug up its ample coal deposits to fire the Industrial Revolution and a global empire. But the reign of coal is over. Coal power plants in the UK are due to be phased out entirely by 2025, and the effort to meet that goal...

March 15, 2018 World leaders sound alarm over global water crisis

Source: CBS News

UNITED NATIONS -- The World Bank and the U.N. are sounding the alarm over a global water crisis. A joint report released Wednesday says that 40 percent of the world's population is affected by water scarcity.

March 14, 2018 'It's a very big deal': carbon tax revenue to be put in conservation fund, though details unclear

Source: CBC

A new fund, paid for with carbon-tax revenue, will yield a roughly $5 million for green projects, although how the money will be spent and when it will begin to flow is still unclear.

March 14, 2018 The Most Upbeat Scientific Facts You'll Hear About the Environment This Week

Source: Motley Fool

Yes, global warming is real. And yes, it's a huge threat. But the progress being made on so many other environmental fronts should not be overlooked. And the path to a solution to our carbon addiction may require less of an...

March 14, 2018 Electric cars are becoming increasingly greener in the US thanks to a cleaner electric grid

Source: Electrek

The study is coming from the Union of Concerned Scientists‘ (UCS) updated state-by-state look at emission generation from electricity to account for the average electric car’s equivalent mpg on the electric grid. They...

March 14, 2018 Extreme winter weather becoming more common as Arctic warms, study finds

Source: The Guardian

The sort of severe winter weather that has rattled parts of the US and UK is becoming more common as the Arctic warms, with scientists finding a strong link between high temperatures near the pole and unusually heavy snowfall and...

March 13, 2018 Global Warming and Climate Instability: One Last Chance to Save Ourselves

Source: Global Reserch

The year 2017 was a record-breaking year for extreme weather and environmental catastrophes since records started to be kept in the 19th century. The Arctic experienced temperatures up to 70 degree F above normal.

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