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News and Information

News and Information

February 10, 2015 Significant threats to our atmosphere might be coming from the ocean floor

Source: Science Recorder

What if everything we think we know about climate change is based on incomplete data? Two new studies suggest that at least one natural source of atmospheric carbon dioxide has been heretofore overlooked. Scientists are now...

February 10, 2015 Can science be the solution if it is part of the problem' - But perhaps they are implicated in the problem. Melanie Smallman looks back at Davos to consider the îWorld Economic Forumîâs love affair with science Armed Swiss police officers stand guard on...

February 10, 2015 What If Global Warming Continues' 8 Most Dire Scenarios For America's Gulf Coast

News Max - 3. According to the îUnion of Concerned Scientistsî, "Global climate change driven by rising levels of carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, will interact with, and...

February 9, 2015 Ex-squeeze me? Baking soda? Boffins claim it safely sucks CO2 out of the air

Source: The Register

A team of scientists believe they have made a "significant advance" capturing carbon dioxide with a little bit of help from baking soda.They developed microcapsules made up of "a highly permeable polymer shell" and a fluid...

February 9, 2015 France Says Climate Talks Crucial For World Security

The Business Insider - Thomson ReutersFrench Foreign Minister Fabius addresses the media during the 15th Delhi îSustainableî Development Summit in New Delhi By Tom Miles GENEVA (Reuters) - French Foreign Minister...

February 6, 2015 Americans are finally taking climate change seriously. Here is why that might not last.

Source: The Week

A big new poll has raised some optimism that public opinion on climate change is finally catching up to the science. But the poll is a welcome reflection that more and more people understand the seriousness of the climate threat,...

February 6, 2015 Earth's Past Climate Reveals Future Global Warming

Source: Scientific America

That carbon belching from our factories causes global warming is well-known, but beyond that, the science becomes controversy. The details of how much a unit of carbon dioxide raises global temperature is hotly debated in climate...

February 5, 2015 Study: Climate change will lead to ecosystem clash

Source: Alaska Dispatch News

New research shows that species from the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans soon will start to mix. This could have serious consequences for both fisheries and local ecosystems.

February 5, 2015 Global warming won’t prevent massive snowstorms, study suggests

Source: Boston Globe

When a historic blizzard dumps a record-breaking amount of snow on the region, it’s only a matter of time before someone ventures a wry joke about climate change. Maybe there’s an upside to a warmer world, after all? Less...

February 5, 2015 Water Crisis And Scenario Planning For Business

Source: Forbes

The World Economic Forum in Davos addresses nearly every risk factor conceivable, but biggest of all, according to 896 leaders surveyed, is water. Business strategy faces a water paradox: the most valuable resource on Earth is...

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