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News and Information

News and Information

April 15, 2014 Unexpected loose gas from fracking

Source: Washington Post

survey of hydraulic fracturing sites in Pennsylvania revealed drilling operations releasing plumes of methane 100 to 1,000 times the rate the EPA expects from that stage of drilling, according to a study published Monday in the...

April 15, 2014 UN says the world needs cap-and-trade, carbon taxes

Source: The Daily Caller

A new United Nations report urges countries to tax carbon emissions to stem the rise of global temperatures. In order to keep global temperatures from rising above two degrees Celsius by 2100, the world needs to lower its use of...

April 15, 2014 Pollution From Asia Makes Pacific Storms Stronger

Source: Nat Geo

What happens in Asia doesn't stay in Asia, a new study warns. Pollution from booming economies in the Far East is causing stronger storms and changing weather patterns over the Pacific Ocean, which in turn is changing weather in...

April 15, 2014 California looking to recycled water to ease drought concerns

Source: Sacramento Bee

At two treatment plants in El Dorado Hills, millions of gallons of brown wastewater pour in every week, and millions of gallons of clean water pour out through purple pipes that irrigate the lawns of 4,000 homes Read more...

April 15, 2014 Global warming - just a giant natural fluctuation

Source: Lab Product News

Montreal, QC - An analysis of temperature data since 1500 all but rules out the possibility that global warming in the industrial era is just a natural fluctuation in the earth’s climate, according to a new study by McGill...

April 14, 2014 Major Greenhouse Gas Reductions Needed by 2050: IPCC

Source: Climate Central

According to the last installment of the latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, released Sunday. Projections of global mean temperature anomalies over the 21st century relative to 1986 -2005 from the...

April 13, 2014 IPCC report: Climate needs swift shift to clean energy

USA Today - A rapid shift to less-polluting energy will be needed to avoid catastrophic global warming because global emissions of heat-trapping greenhouse gases have accelerated to unprecedented levels, the îUnited...

April 13, 2014 UN climate report a 'wakeup' for entrepreneurs, Kerry says

France 24 - This report is a wakeup call about global economic opportunity we can seize today," he said of the îIntergovernmental Panel on Climate Changeî (IPCC) report issued in Berlin. "The global energy market...

April 13, 2014 Shale gas boom leaves wind power developers seeking more subsidy

Fort Worth Business Press - The best wind farms in the breeziest areas, such as South Texas. can be built for $60 a megawatt-hour, below the $65 price of a high-efficiency gas turbine, according to îNew Energy...

April 12, 2014 "Years of Living Dangerously": James Cameron, Matt Damon, Harrison Ford in TV Climate Change Series

Democracy Now! - The latest îIntergovernmental Panel on Climate Changeî report last week made clear climate change is hitting every part of the world, every continent, and weâre not doing a very good job of...

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