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Commentary & Opinion

Commentary & Opinion

September 25, 2013 What It Means To Be 95 Percent Certain About Climate Change

The Huffington Post - New York City Skyline at sunset. United States. WASHINGTON (AP) â Top scientists from a variety of fields say they are about as certain that global warming is a real, man-made threat as they are that...

September 25, 2013 Investors need to get off the fence on climate change

Source: Guardian

Leaks from the UN's Fifth Assessment Report (AR5) on climate change, which is due out on 27 September, have once again stirred the hornets' nest and the airwaves are full of opinions from climate change believers and deniers...

September 17, 2013 CO2 fears Overrated, says UN report - But it now seems that the issue has touched the heads of environmental intelligentsia and they are finding the limit of this explanation. The United Nations îIntergovernmental Panel on Climate Changeî...

September 17, 2013 The era of unlimited carbon pollution is over

Source: Politico

This week, the Environmental Protection Agency will move against climate change by continuing the job it was created to do, 40 years ago, by a bipartisan Congress. Some will, and already are, treating this as a deplorable event...

September 11, 2013 'Big green groups are more damaging than climate deniers'

Source: Guardian

Canadian author Naomi Klein is so well known for her blade-sharp commentary that it's easy to forget that she is, above all, a first-rate reporter. I got a glimpse into her priorities as I was working on this interview. Klein...

September 9, 2013 The dangerous effects of global warming - Editorial

Source: Washington Post

Did global warming contribute to the punishing heat wave much of the country endured during the summer of 2012? How about Superstorm Sandy? A group of 78 scientists led by experts from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric...

September 4, 2013 Why Climate Change Is a Civil Rights Issue - Today, we are faced with a new civil rights issue. Even seven years ago, I never could have conceived of becoming a champion for climate change. As a pastor, it seemed trivial to prioritize polar bears in a...

August 27, 2013 Humans’ complicity in climate change can’t be ignored - editorial

Source: Washington Post

NEXT MONTH, the international arbiter of the scientific consensus on global warming will release its latest evaluation of the state of the research. A few will dismiss the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC)...

August 19, 2013 Global Warming: Who Can You Trust?

Source: Tulsa World

We are physical geographers with research backgrounds in climate and climate change. We want to share a few thoughts about some claims we hear made regularly about global warming. Some are typically made by my fellow...

August 15, 2013 Scientists have a moral obligation to take action on climate change

Source: Guardian

Al Gore’s influential film about climate science was not called A Scientifically-Modelled Truth, or The Statistically Fairly Likely Truth, even though these would have been accurate titles. It was An Inconvenient Truth, because...

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