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News and Information

December 19, 2013 Misleading CEO pay-for-performance numbers targeted by SEC rule

Source: Toledo Blade

The inconsistent measures that companies use to disclose CEO pay is the newest battleground in executive compensation. As the Securities and Exchange Commission works on a rule to require pay-for-performance reports, it also...

December 17, 2013 8 Truly Outrageous CEO Perks: 24/7 Wall Street

Source: Huff Post

CEO compensation, relative to the amount the average American is paid, has skyrocketed in the past few decades. In 1965, the average CEO pay was 18.3 times the average worker pay. By 2012, CEOs made 200 times workers pay.

December 16, 2013 Pope attacks mega-salaries and wealth gap in peace message

Source: Reuters

Pope Francis said in the first peace message of his pontificate that huge salaries and bonuses are symptoms of an economy based on greed and inequality and called again for nations to narrow the wealth gap. In his message for the...

December 13, 2013 CEO pay ratio met by skepticism, doubt

Source: BenefitsPro

It didn’t require microscopic examination of the Securities and Exchange Commission’s pay ratio rule to find the gaping holes in it. Proposed in September, the SEC’s rule was yet one more attempt to rein in runaway executive...

December 9, 2013 Why sustainable pay is the future of executive compensation

Source: Green Biz

When I was a director of a financial institution in the 1990s, we struggled in vain to get top executives to pay attention to the board’s sustainability priorities, to no avail. Then we stumbled upon the idea of rewarding the CEO...

December 3, 2013 Swiss Activists: Let’s Cap CEO Pay

Source: The Nation

Not all that many generations ago, the idea of an income floor for working Americans—a minimum wage—seemed impractically utopian. Today we have mandated state and national minimum wages, and the vast majority of Americans want...

November 21, 2013 Directors, investors in alignment on executive compensation, board performance

Source: Inside Counsel

Corporate directors and investors are faced with a myriad of corporate governance issues — and their views on those issues are not always in alignment. A new study reveals areas where both directors and investors are in...

November 20, 2013 Bruce Ellig's "The Complete Guide to Executive Compensation" New 3rd Edition to be Published in December

Source: Sacramento Bee

"It seems to me that we've got quite a disconnect: charges of excessive executive compensation have filled the business press for years, but few understand why pay plans are to blame," says executive compensation expert Bruce R....

November 19, 2013 TVA pays new CEO Bill Johnson 15 times Obama's salary

Source: Times Free Press

The new head of the Tennessee Valley Authority was paid nearly 50 percent more than his predecessor even though he was on the job only nine months of the year and has vowed to cut the agency's overall payroll. TVA said in a...

November 18, 2013 Swiss outrage over executive pay sparks a movement in Europe

Source: Reuters

Here’s an idea for how to end corporate greed and reverse the trend of growing income inequality worldwide: impose a new rule that would limit the pay of top executives to just 12 times that of the lowest-paid employees at the...

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