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News & Information

News and Information

July 25, 2016 CEOs Are Paid A Lot Because CEOs Are Worth A Lot - Hans Vestberg And Ericsson Edition

Source: Forbes

Much ink is spilled in denouncing how much money CEOs of large companies are paid these days. But there is a simple answer to all of this which is that CEOs are paid a lot because CEOs are worth a lot

July 19, 2016 The 10 Public University Presidents With The Highest Pay

Source: Forbes

A report released by The Chronicle of Higher Education today ranks 259 chief executives at 236 public colleges and systems across the nation, and Khator stands at the top of the list along with four other public university heads...

June 30, 2016 An Extraordinary Anomaly: Executive Compensation

Source: Forbes

In general my view on compensation in publicly traded U.S. companies is quite poor. To me this isn’t just a matter of conscience but a fiduciary issue that all shareholders should care about. Management – and the respective...

June 16, 2016 Executive pay in spotlight at shareholders meetings

Source: Nikkei

TOKYO -- A key focus for investors at the upcoming Nissan Motor general shareholders meeting this year is how much the automaker paid President and Chief Executive Officer Carlos Ghosn for the year ended March, as the company...

June 15, 2016 6 CEOs with excessive executive compensation packages

Source: Bankrate

Yahoo's business troubles not only puts CEO Marissa Mayer under the harsh glare of the shareholder spotlight, it highlights the issue of sky-high executive compensation packages when the CEO is heading for the door.

June 7, 2016 Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Pay Gap is Decreasing

Source: Blue & Green Tomorrow

The pay gap between men and women working in the corporate responsibility and sustainability (CRS) sector is closing and more women are now employed in the top jobs. That’s according to the sixth edition of the Corporate...

June 6, 2016 How to structure competitive executive compensation packages

Source: Smart Business

Finding great candidates to fill executive positions is inherently difficult. Though quality candidates can be found, companies tend to lose their top pick because they can’t meet a candidate’s compensation expectations.

May 25, 2016 Big Media CEO Compensation Fell In 2015, But Not As Much As Their Stock Values

Source: Deadline

At a time when three out of four adults believe CEOs are overpaid, the directors of CBS, Comcast, Discovery, Disney, Fox, Time Warner, and Viacom continued last year to lavish their chiefs with some of corporate America’s largest...

May 17, 2016 Here's A Major Reason Why Big Banks Won't Break up

Source: Fortune

“Bank executive compensation is closely and positively related to the size of the institution, but not generally related to profitability.”

May 10, 2016 The median female CEO actually out-earned her male peer in 2015

Source: Washington Post

The gender pay gap is a persistent phenomenon, research shows, affecting women ranging from young female college graduates to mid-career mothers to even groups of top executives.

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