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July 30, 2013 Greening the city, one tree at a time

Source: Ottawa Citizen

We’re standing on little Bronson Place, about 20 metres from the parallel of the Bronson Avenue highway, roughly halfway between the bridge over the Rideau Canal and the entrance to Carleton University at Sunnyside. It’s...

June 21, 2013 Why Is China Investing So Much in U.S. Solar and Wind' - Should the aforementioned drivers continue, they could help provide a promising future for continued investment ... on renewable energy cooperation. In addition, the United States is currently experiencing...

June 20, 2013 EXECUTIVE PERSPECTIVE: U.S. recycling not meeting industry demand: Here’s how to fix it

Source: Michael Washburn, Vice President of Sustainability, Nestlé Waters North America,

Our current recycling system is broken. Only a third of municipal solid waste is recycled in the United States. Today, the majority of U.S. recycling programs use outdated collection methods that discourage consumer...

May 1, 2013 EarthTalk: 'Greenwashing' is under siege by social responsibility proponents

Sacramento Bee - DearEarthTalk: I hear the term "greenwashing" a lot these days but am still not sure exactly what it means. Can you enlighten' - Ruth Markell, Indianapolis, Ind. In essence, greenwashing involves falsely...

April 29, 2013 Chris Paine: Don't give up on electric cars

Monterey County Herald - about 20 percent for internal-combustion engines). Skeptics will cite a 2012 report from the îUnion of Concerned Scientistsî as evidence that electric cars aren't as green as some people make...

April 16, 2013 Why on earth do we still need Earth Day?

Source: Green Biz

. According to our ongoing polling of Americans on this topic, the 22 percent of the population that leans green and is willing to pay a price premium for green products doesn’t want to buy mainstream brands

January 28, 2013 Reconciling sustainability and profitability in Oregon's green industries

Source: Oregon Live

When will sustainability become sustainable? It's an important economic question for a state such as Oregon that has declared green industries to be a prime target of job-creation efforts.

November 27, 2012 Why a 4°C warmer world must be avoided

Source: Reuters

It is my hope that this report shocks us into action. Even for those of us already committed to fighting climate change, I hope it causes us to work with much more urgency. This report spells out what the world would be like if...

September 25, 2012 Greening the supply chain

Source: BDaily Business Network

As organisations become more sophisticated in their approach to sustainability, their focus expands from direct product impacts during the use phase, to indirect impacts throughout the supply chain. For KYOCERA, this posed some...

September 18, 2012 The End of Global Warming: How to Save the Earth in 2 Easy Steps

Source: The Atlantic

You may not believe me, but I have news about global warming: Good news, and better news. Here is the good news. US carbon emissions are decreasing rapidly. We're down over 10% from our emissions peak in 2007. Furthermore, the...

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