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November 3, 2015 Australia must step up on emission cuts to rejoin world's enlightened countries

Sydney Morning Herald - The many economic studies reviewed by the î??Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Changeî?? put it clearly: the cost of keeping global warming to below 2 degrees would reduce global economic...

November 3, 2015 What success at the Paris climate conference could look like

Daily Kos - Even without federal policies that offer generous tax breaks for clean energy, the United States is poised for a revolution "when solar becomes that technology of choice," explained Bloomberg New Energy Finance...

October 28, 2015 Fed has created 'a fear environment': Economist

Source: CNBC

As the market awaits the first U.S. interest rate hike in more than nine years, participants should put aside the notion that the Federal Reserve knows something the Street doesn't, experts told CNBC ahead of a two-day meeting of...

October 27, 2015 There Are Going to Be Some Major Debates Inside the Fed This Week

Source: Bloomberg

We probably won't learn anything new at the conclusion of this week's Federal Open Market Committee meeting, but that doesn't mean policymakers at the central bank won't have lots to debate among themselves.

October 27, 2015 The Time To Start Reforming Our Tax Code Is Now

Source: Forbes

Congress has a number of urgent items to consider in the next few months – how to deal with the debt limit, how to fund the government, and how to fund our highway programs. For the sake of U.S. businesses and workers, there’s...

October 22, 2015 China's Rise: Rhetoric and Reality

Source: Huff Post

Chinese leaders consistently express a commitment to a "new model of major country relations" based on three pillars of non-confrontation, mutual respect, and win-win cooperation. However, over the past five years, the first...

October 20, 2015 Why the Fed may not even raise rates next year

Source: CNBC

With Wall Street doubting the Fed's willingness to hike interest rates this year, Deutsche Bank's chief U.S. economist said he does not have a lot of confidence the Fed will even raise the fed funds rate next year.

October 19, 2015 Get Ready For The Fiscal Abyss

Source: Forbes

Former Federal Reserve Board Chairman Ben Bernanke coined his most famous phrase – the fiscal cliff – to describe what at the time was the possibility of spending cuts and tax increase all happening at about the same time. Given...

October 16, 2015 Can Nations Reach a Strong Agreement at COP 21?

Source: Reuters

Scientists agree: we need to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions drastically in the next decade if we are to avoid the worst ravages of climate change. World governments agree: the way to do that is to forge a global agreement at...

September 29, 2015 Global Water Crisis Is Wrong, Tragic and Unnecessary

Source: Huff Post

If you don't know about the water crisis, you should. About 2.5 billion people are affected. They lack clean water and a toilet. Each day, kids miss school, moms walk miles and families get sick from unsafe water. And too many...

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