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November 13, 2015 Are Coal Producers Being Unfairly Targeted By Federal And State Prosecutors?

Source: Forbes

Business students across the world learn that corporate management works for the shareholders, who own the company. Corporate leaders and their boards thus have the obligation to provide their owners with all known information so...

November 13, 2015 After Budget Deal's Surprise Cuts, Can Boomers Really Count On Social Security?

Source: Forbes

The new budget law’s changes to Social Security, which could cost some baby boomer couples tens of thousands of dollars, have elicited strong reactions, including from Forbes readers and contributors.

November 12, 2015 The Inflation & Deflation Mystery

Source: Value Walk

The confusion about the causes of inflation remain. Today there are as many discussions about deflation as there are inflation. Each side recommends actions which they think appropriate. The Fed has exercised two QEs and one...

November 11, 2015 The US Will Have A $15 Minimum Wage Only If We're All Entirely Mad

Source: Forbes

Today is the day that the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) gets people to lose their already meager wages by going on strike so that the SEIU can continue its political campaign to make sure that there are more SEIU...

November 9, 2015 20+ Reasons The Fed Won't Raise Even After The Strong October Jobs Number

Source: Seeking Alpha

When taken with the other recent US and world economic data, the total doesn't translate into a situation in which the US Fed should even consider tightening.

November 9, 2015 Editorial Soak the rich to help solve California's water crisis

Source: LA Times

During a time of drought, when most urban dwellers are making do with less, nothing sticks in the craw quite like the cad in Bel-Air who reportedly is using 90 times as much water as the average household

November 9, 2015 By rejecting Keystone, President Obama cements his climate legacy

Source: The Guardian

The stupid-from-the-beginning Keystone XL pipeline is dead. It was designed to make it easier to sell the dirtiest of all fuels (tar sands and petcoke), which pollute our air and are inefficient as fuels. The proposed project was...

November 3, 2015 Guardian Live: should we say yes to nuclear power?

Source: Guardian

Last month George Osborne backed a deal with China to build a £24bn nuclear power plant at Hinkley Point in Somerset. The government claims the new plant will be relied on to deliver 7% of the UK’s electricity while providing a...

November 3, 2015 How America’s next president should deal with Washington’s dysfunction

Source: Fortune

In an unlikely last act of bipartisan governance, Speaker of the House John Boehner worked with the White House to strike a budget deal last week. While his successor played “good cop” to the Tea Party caucus, the compromise...

November 3, 2015 Australia must step up on emission cuts to rejoin world's enlightened countries

Sydney Morning Herald - The many economic studies reviewed by the î??Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Changeî?? put it clearly: the cost of keeping global warming to below 2 degrees would reduce global economic...

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