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January 17, 2014 From Davos, a View on the State of Globalization

Businessweek - The annual meeting of the îWorld Economic Forumî is devoted to âimproving ... the year he joined the Nixon White House as Henry Kissingerâs economics deputy. The Pacific and Atlantic trade...

January 16, 2014 Africa: Davos Economic Forum to Tackle Challenges of a Changing World

AllAfrica - Geneva â A stellar cast of more than 2,500 business, government, academic and civil society leaders are expected to attend this year's îWorld Economic Forumî in Davos, Switzerland. The meeting, which...

January 16, 2014 Lagarde Warns Officials to Fight Deflation ‘Ogre’ Decisively

Source: BusinessWork

International Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine Lagarde urged policy makers in advanced economies to fight risks of deflation that would threaten a global recovery she called “feeble.” Less than a week before the...

January 14, 2014 Fighting China’s Military a Daily Task for US Companies

Source: Epoch Times

Economic espionage is the dirty underbelly of globalization. Nation-states—particularly China—steal intellectual property from U.S. companies at an extraordinary pace. And they don’t just use computer hacking to do so: insider...

January 10, 2014 New titleholder? China says it is world's largest trader

Source: BBC News

China's latest trade figures show it is "very likely" to have overtaken the US as the world's largest trader. It would topple the position that the US has held for much of the last century and cross another milestone in rivalling...

January 9, 2014 Bangladesh election unrest squeezes key garment sector

Source: Reuters

On the outskirts of Dhaka, Babylon Garments has shortened work shifts to eight hours from the usual 10 and plans to shutter production lines as months of election-related violence disrupts transport and prompts global retailers...

January 7, 2014 Two Gauges Point to Slow Economic Growth

Source: NY Times

Two measures of activity in the services sector showed slower growth in December, pointing to an American economy that continues to expand at a modest pace, while factory orders rose in November.

January 6, 2014 European Markets Fall After China Data

RTT News - The Euro îStoxxî 50 index of eurozone bluechip stocks is adding 0.13 percent, while the îStoxxî Europe 50 index, which includes some major U.K. companies, is losing 0.27 percent. The German DAX,...

January 3, 2014 China’s Runaway Train Is Running Out of Track

Source: Bloomberg

A financial drama is unfolding in China as the new year begins. Last week, for the second time in six months, interest rates in the critical interbank lending market spiked above 10 percent, prompting fears of a liquidity crisis...

January 3, 2014 China Says Land the Size of Belgium Too Polluted for Farming

Source: Bloomberg

More than 2 percent of China’s arable land, or an area the size of Belgium, is too polluted to grow crops, the government said, offering new evidence of the environmental cost associated with 30 years of breakneck growth.

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