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August 6, 2014 WTO failure points to fragmented future for global trade

Daily Press - GENEVA (Reuters) - India has dealt a potentially fatal blow to the îWorld Trade Organizationî's hopes of modernizing the rules of global commerce and remaining the central forum for multilateral trade...

August 6, 2014 Russia May Be Losing Influence Over European Energy Markets

Source: NY Times

The Ukraine crisis is unlikely to produce many benefits. But it could serve as a kind of stress test to see whether Europe’s approach to energy policy is working. The European authorities have been far more interventionist than...

August 3, 2014 Nine Reasons Why India's WTO Veto Shocked the World

NDTV - Geneva: India's tough diplomacy blocked a landmark world trade treaty late on Thursday, despite last-ditch talks to rescue what would have been the first global trade reform since the creation of the îWorld Trade...

August 1, 2014 Nine reasons why India's WTO veto shocked the world

Source: Reuters

India's tough diplomacy blocked a landmark world trade treaty late on Thursday, despite last-ditch talks to rescue what would have been the first global trade reform since the creation of the World Trade Organization 19 years...

July 30, 2014 How Argentina’s Default May Trigger $29 Billion in Claims


By defaulting tomorrow, Argentina may trigger bondholder claims of as much as $29 billion -- equal to all its foreign-currency reserves. If the overdue interest on Argentina’s dollar-denominated securities due 2033 isn’t paid by...

July 28, 2014 Dollar index steady near 6-month highs

Source: NASDAQ

The dollar was trading close to six month highs against a basket of other major currencies as investors positioned ahead of a series of key economic events later in the week. Demand for the dollar continued to be underpinned,...

July 25, 2014 WTO Rules against the US Imposing Duties on Chinese Solar Panels

Shanghai Metals Market - SHANGHAI, Jul. 25 (SMM) â îWorld Trade Organizationî judges said recently that the US broke the global trade rules by imposing anti-subsidy duties on Chinese solar panels,

July 21, 2014 Combat global warming by taxing carbon: Guest opinion

Source: Oregon Live

This month, energy experts from the United States, China, and 13 other nations released a report to the United Nations called "Pathways to Deep Decarbonization" offering practical paths for transitioning their countries away from...

July 17, 2014 Ban on Oil Exports Won’t Be Lifted This Year, Upton Says

Source: Bloomberg

A four-decade-old ban on crude exports from the U.S. will survive another year, the chairman of the U.S. House’s Energy and Commerce Committee said. Policy makers need time to decide whether to lift the 1975 prohibition on...

July 17, 2014 Hungry U.S. Power Plant Turns to Russia for Coal Shipment

Source: Bloomberg

When New Hampshire’s largest utility needed to rebuild coal supplies after the past frigid winter, it turned to Russia rather than Appalachia in the U.S. Northeast or Wyoming’s Powder River Basin

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