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March 30, 2017 How your cheap Chinese-made products may be killing thousands in China

Source: USA Today

Air pollution from the manufacture of goods made in one part of the world but used in another killed more than 700,000 people globally in 2007, the most recent year for which figures were available for analysis, according to a...

March 29, 2017 Fracking Failures

Source: Penn Environment

Fracking is dirty and dangerous. From the very beginning of clearing a site for drilling, through the extraction, transport and delivery of natural gas, fracking poses significant risks to our air and water and to human health.

March 24, 2017 This trait shapes your belief in climate change more than your science knowledge does

Source: News Observer

Pew Research Center analysis published Wednesday found that people’s level of science knowledge actually had less to do with their opinions on climate change than something else: how they vote.

March 23, 2017 Arctic ice falls to record winter low after polar 'heatwaves'

Source: The Guardian

Extent of ice over North pole has fallen to a new wintertime low, for the third year in a row, as climate change drives freakish weather

March 23, 2017 California Earthquakes: San Andreas Fault Could Cause Coast To Instantly Sink Below Sea Level

Source: International Business Times

Add "sinking below sea level" to California’s list of natural disaster worries. Portions of the Golden State could be at risk of abruptly dropping into the sea during a severe earthquake like the “Big One” scientists have been...

March 22, 2017 Estimated % of adults who think global warming is happening, 2016

Source: Yale University

Public opinion estimates are produced using a statistical model based on national survey data gathered between 2008 and 2016 by the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication and the George Mason Center for Climate Change...

March 9, 2017 Fault System off San Diego, Orange, Los Angeles Counties Could Produce Magnitude 7.3 Quake

Source: Institution of Oceanography

A fault system that runs from San Diego to Los Angeles is capable of producing up to magnitude 7.3 earthquakes if the offshore segments rupture and a 7.4 if the southern onshore segment also ruptures, according to an analysis led...

March 6, 2017 Americans are confused on climate, but support cutting carbon pollution

Source: The Guardian

There’s broad support for climate policies in every state and county, but Americans view global warming as a distant problem

March 2, 2017 Federal 2017 quake forecast highlights Oklahoma, California

Source: Fox Science News

WASHINGTON – Federal scientists forecast that Oklahoma will continue to have the nation's biggest man-made earthquake problem this year but it probably won't be as shaky as recent years.

March 1, 2017 New maps show the Midwest is the biggest climate change denier but the rest of America now believes in man-made climate change

Source: Dalyl Mil (UK)

The majority of America may finally believe in man-made climate change. But as these new maps show, there are still states who believe global warming caused by humans is a myth.

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