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July 13, 2012 Can fracking pollute water? Study tries to answer

Source: MSNBC

PITTSBURGH — A new study being done by the Department of Energy may provide some of the first solid answers to a controversial question: Can gas drilling fluids migrate and pose a threat to drinking water?

July 12, 2012 New Study: Natural Gas is a Smart Move in Battle Against Global Warming,… But Is It Really?

Source: Clean Tecnhica

The future may indeed be a combination of wind, solar, and nuclear power, but according to Cornell Professor Lawrence M. Cathles, using natural gas as an energy source is going to be vital as an intermediary step on that road,...

June 25, 2012 Most still unhappy with carbon tax: survey


Just days out from the introduction of the federal government's carbon tax a majority of voters remain against the impost because they believe it will push up costs, a poll says.

June 25, 2012 Silica a hazard at fracking sites, report says - Chicago Tribune

Source: Chicago Tribune

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Oil and gas field workers face health hazards from silica sand used in the hydraulic fracturing (fracking) process, an arm of the Center for Disease Control (CDC) reported on Friday. After testing air samples...

June 22, 2012 Study: LA Region Will Get Hot, Hot, Hot


The Walnut and greater Los Angeles area will heat up over the next 50 years, with more 95-plus degree days in store, according to a new UCLA report compiled with forecasting models generated by a supercomputer.

June 20, 2012 Climate Change is degrading marine habitats and threatening fish supplies worldwide

Source: PR Web

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) released a new publication today on the risks from climate change on Large Marine Ecosystems (LMEs). The volume entitled, “Frontline Observations on Climate Change and the...

June 19, 2012 Underground carbon dioxide storage likely would cause earthquakes

Source: LA Times

The notion of mitigating harmful carbon dioxide emissions by storing the gas underground is not practical because the process is likely to cause earthquakes that would release the gas anyway, according to a commentary published...

June 18, 2012 Study Finds Ancient Warming Greened Antarctica

Source: MarketWatch

WASHINGTON -- A new university-led study with NASA participation finds ancient Antarctica was much warmer and wetter than previously suspected. The climate was suitable to support substantial vegetation -- including stunted trees...

June 15, 2012 A State-by-State Climate Map

Source: NY Times

If those New England seasons feel far warmer these days than they were 20 years ago, it’s because they are. So are Florida’s, Arizona’s, and Washington State’s.

June 14, 2012 Global warming in America: Arizona’s heating up the fastest, Florida the slowest

Source: Washington Post

In the last 100 years, the continental United States has warmed about 1.3°F overall. But not every state has been affected the same way. Some have been warming much faster than others. A new report from Climate Central takes a...

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