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March 18, 2016 A Story Is Worth 1,000 Statistics

Source: Stanford Review

His intent was to bring health issues to the attention of the economic policy community, and economic analysis to the health and health policy community. Looking back, Summers believed the report caused the World Bank to “be more...

March 17, 2016 The Next Great Global Warming 'Hiatus' Is Coming!

Source: Forbes

Global warming has been occurring at a steady rate for many decades now — possibly for over a century, depending on how you interpret the temperature records — with the past few years setting unprecedented temperature records...

March 16, 2016 When 'Global Warming' Became 'Climate Change'

Source: Bloomberg

First there was "global warming." Then came "climate change." Turns out, use of the latter became more prevalent in 2008 and that dominance became irreversible in 2009. Here's how use of the terms compare in stories on the...

March 16, 2016 Hillary and Bernie Need a Fracking Lesson

Source: American Spectator

Fracking has nearly doubled the amount of oil produced in the United States since 2008, and it is largely responsible for the dramatic drop in gas prices the country is currently experiencing. It has also made the United States...

March 14, 2016 Fukushima: Can it happen here'

Voice News - "The problems that led to the disaster at Fukushima Daiichi exist wherever reactors operate," said David Lochbaum, Edwin Lyman, Susan Stranahan and the Union of Concerned Scientists in their 2013 book "Fukushima."...

March 11, 2016 Why climate change is such a big issue in Florida

Source: Washington Post

At its root, the flooding is a function of climate change. Warmer temperatures caused by the greenhouse effect cause glaciers to melt, increasing the amount of water in the ocean. Those warmer temperatures also cause the water in...

March 9, 2016 The Real Cause of the Flint Crisis

Source: The Atlantic

The shocking crisis in Flint—where state cost-cutting mandates led to lead-tainted water that has poisoned thousands of children—has become a metaphor for American political dysfunction. Yet it should also be a reminder of how...

March 9, 2016 What's the Answer to Climate Change?

Source: The Atlantic

There is one convenient thing about climate change: The problem of global warming poses so many threats, and emerges from so many causes, that there’s not one single solution for it.

February 29, 2016 Warren Buffett says it's 'highly likely' climate change poses a major problem for the planet

Source: Techinsider

Buffett writes that he is not denying the science showing that climate change will likely be a problem. But he's just not 100% certain that it will be.

February 29, 2016 5 breakthroughs that would transform clean energy

Source: CS Monitor

Current solar- and wind-power technology give governments and businesses everything they need to spur a wholesale shift away from fossil fuels. But a growing chorus of scientists and thinkers argue that the world needs a major...

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