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June 5, 2015 Climate change is already killing people around the world — and it’s only going to get worse

Source: Rawstory

In February, President Obama said that the media “absolutely” overstates the risk of terrorism, while many more lives are claimed by climate change and epidemics. Mike Huckabee shot back, telling Fox News, “I assure you that a...

June 4, 2015 The Cultural and Geopolitical Impacts of Climate Change

Source: Newsweek

For years, climate change studies tended to rely on numbers-heavy charts and complex models to report on phenomena such as shrinking polar ice caps; melting glaciers and permafrost; caribou, reindeer and seal populations...

June 4, 2015 Are the Texas Floods Evidence of Climate Change?

Source: NewsWeek

Texas has suffered damaging floods and record rainfall in May after years of punishing drought. John Nielsen-Gammon, professor of atmospheric sciences at Texas A&M University and Texas state climatologist, was asked to discuss...

May 28, 2015 Who’s to Blame For California’s Water Shortage? Look In A Mirror

Source: IVN

We Californians are to blame when it comes to our water shortage — but ultimately for reasons most of us never contemplate. The problem is our willingness to cede to single-party control in our state. Regardless of which side of...

May 28, 2015 A Drought For Business: How Water Shortages Will Impact Your Bottom Line


Since 2011, California has moved from a state of “abnormally dry” to two-thirds of the land labeled as “exceptionally dry”. The Governor has issued an array of laws to help replenish California, most recently a mandated 25...

May 28, 2015 Global Warming Is Not A Theory. It Is A Measurement.

Source: Clean Technica

I admit to being concerned about global warming, its many impacts, present and future, on human welfare, and the insidious fact that those least responsible for global warming and the resultant climate change are likely to suffer...

May 27, 2015 What Would Ronald Reagan Do About Climate Change?

Source: Forbes

What would Reagan do?” (WWRD?) is a commonplace query on the right, and recently it has been applied to the vexing issue of climate change. It has been pointed out that Reagan embraced the 1987 Montreal Protocol that phased out...

May 27, 2015 Accidents, waste and weapons: nuclear power isn't worth its risks

Science Codex - However, offsetting this is the economy of scale of large reactors. The îUnion of Concerned Scientistsî, which is not anti-nuclear, has serious safety and security concerns about SMRs. Weapons...

May 26, 2015 Kevin Rudd: US, China and India key to tackling climate change

Source: The Guardian

Kevin Rudd says the US, China and India are key to a new global deal on cutting carbon emissions and tackling climate change.

May 22, 2015 STUDY: California TV Stations' Drought Coverage Gave Short Shrift To Climate Change

Source: Media Matters

It has become increasingly clear that human-induced climate change is exacerbating California's historic drought and will continue to make droughts in the western U.S. more common and more extreme, as many studies and leading...

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