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Commentary & Opinion

March 17, 2014 Social inequity vs. the environment is a false choice

Source: Salon

As he begins his last few years in office, President Obama is finally addressing the worsening inequality in this country. In his State of the Union speech, he declared: “Inequality has deepened. Upward mobility has stalled. The...

March 12, 2014 New York Times: California Drought Not from Global Warming

Breitbart News - On Sunday, The New York Times ran an opinion piece stating that the terrible ... Recent long-term droughts in western North America cannot definitively be shown to lie outside the very large envelope of natural...

March 11, 2014 What's going on with global warming and Antarctica's growing sea ice?

Source: The Guardian

As every good climate science denialist knows, the fact that there's a bit more sea ice in Antarctica is proof enough that global warming is probably a load of old Ade?lie penguin poo.So when a ship carrying climate scientists on...

March 7, 2014 Global warming is a misleading term because it actually sounds quite nice

Source: The Guardian

What does the phrase anthropogenic forcing mean to you? Or a carbon bubble – would you be more likely to find one in your bath or in your pension fund? Is the greenhouse effect a better way to grow tomatoes? And what is the...

March 6, 2014 An Obama Advisor Is Attacking Me for Testifying That Climate Change Hasn't Increased Extreme Weather

New Republic - Last Friday, the White House posted on its website a six-page criticism of me by the presidentâs science advisor, John Holdren, expanding on testimony he had given to Congress last week claiming that my views...

March 4, 2014 Water partnership programs and watershed responsibilities: Interview with Coke's Jeff Seabright

Eco-business - This feature news is part of Singapore International Water Weekâs (SIWW) series of one-on-one interviews with global water industry leaders, Conversations with Water Leaders. In this edition, Jeff Seabright,...

February 26, 2014 Trading Water for Fuel Is Fracking Crazy

The Epoch Times - A recent report, Hydraulic Fracturing and Water Stress, shows the severity of the problem ... create jobs and build the economy than holding an everything must go sale on our precious resources. In the longer...

February 25, 2014 Let's Be Very Clear Mr. Kerry: No Scientific Evidence Of 'Dangerous' Human Climate Influence Exists

Forbes - Kerry told the audience: "We should not allow a tiny minority of shoddy scientists and science and extreme ideologues to ... including fossil burning, are having a dangerous (or even measurable) influence on climate...

February 24, 2014 BLOOMBERG VIEW: Fracking doesn't have to leave us parched

Source: Sun Herald

Among the environmental worries posed by hydraulic fracturing, including the release of methane into the air and contamination of groundwater, one has recently escalated: the concern that the enormous quantities of water used in...

February 24, 2014 How Can Asia Protect Its Water Resources? - Editorial

Source: Asian Scientist

Asia’s economic growth has been one of the success stories of the 21st century. But the economic rise of countries such as China, India, Vietnam and Indonesia has created serious pressure on their environmental resources,...

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