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September 23, 2015 VW's $7 Billion Screwup: A Lesson In How To Destroy A Brand

Source: Forbes

“Our company was dishonest with the EPA and the California Air Resources Board, and with all of you, and in my German words, we have totally screwed up.”

September 22, 2015 Is geoengineering contributing to global crop failure'

Natural News - The United Nations' (UN) î??Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Changeî?? (IPCC) openly referred to geoengineering in a 2013 report, noting that stratospheric aerosols are used to produce artificial...

September 22, 2015 How Climate Change Helped Spark the Destabilization of Syria and the Rise of Islamic State

Alter Net - As governor of my own state, we were one of the early states to join the î??Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiativeî?? of Northeastern states. We raised our renewable portfolio standard from 7 percent to 20...

September 22, 2015 Four Trends Driving Profitable Climate Protection

Source: Forbes

Four years ago Rocky Mountain Institute’s Reinventing Fire predicted that “climate protection…will be led more by countries and companies than by international treaties and organizations, more by the private sector and civil...

September 21, 2015 This is a climate-change nightmare: Droughts rage and fires burn, while evil ALEC and hapless Democrats dither

Source: Salon

I’m grateful for Obama’s heightened interest in the topic, but the crisis demands far more than he currently has on offer.

September 18, 2015 Are American Cities Prepared For Massive Tsunamis?

Source: NBC News

In Chile, more than a million people evacuated their homes in the wake of an 8.3-magnitude earthquake and tsunami alert on Wednesday night, keeping the casualty count below a dozen.

September 17, 2015 The 5 Trends Behind the Water Crisis


The San Joaquin Valley in California is the epicenter of high- end agriculture, with more grapes, oranges, peaches, vegetables, almonds, and pistachios produced there than anywhere else in the US. But already parts of the Valley...

September 17, 2015 The Guardian view on the Paris summit: outlook fair, but storms still possible

Source: The Guardian

The chances of a deal at the Paris climate change summit that starts on 30 November look better than anyone might have thought possible even a year ago. But if success seems more likely than failure, failure – as President...

September 14, 2015 Four Graphics That Should Change Our Energy-Environment Discussion

Source: Forbes

Nothing irks me more in my career than rich Westerners seeking to limit or block the coal, oil, and natural gas that we devour from poor people. It’s the height of hypocrisy, dangerous, and simply isn’t tractionable. And as the...

September 10, 2015 Tackle climate change or face resource wars, Lord Ashdown warns

Source: The Guardian

The former leader of one of the UK’s main political parties says the world will undergo more resource wars and huge movements of desperate people unless it tackles climate change effectively.

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