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In the beginning…there were the high-stakes / high-visibility crises events that are now part of corporate legend -- the ExxonValdez tanker oil spill in Alaskan waters (in resource-rich Prince William Sound) just as the fishing season got underway -- the deliberate poisoning of over-the-counter Tylenol pain relief pills, resulting in the tragic deaths of retail customers trusting in the product (the most recommended by physicians, it was said at the time). 

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News & Updates

September 23, 2016 100 countries push to phase out potentially disastrous greenhouse gas

Source: The Guardian

A loose coalition of more than 100 countries, including the US and European nations, is pushing for an early phase-out of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), a powerful greenhouse gas that if left unchecked is set to add a potentially...

September 23, 2016 The UN just categorized antibiotics in the food system as a crisis on par with AIDS and Ebola

Source: Quartz

By pushing antibiotic resistance front-and-center as a global problem, the international body has acknowledged that some of the miracles of modern medicine—including the invention of penicillin and tetracyclines—are at risk of...

September 23, 2016 Harvard Endowment’s 2 Percent Loss Magnifies Decade of Struggle

Source: Bloomberg

Harvard University’s endowment, searching for new leadership amid a year of turmoil, reported a 2 percent annual investment loss, magnifying a decade of lackluster returns compared with the school’s elite rivals.

Research & Insights

September 7, 2016 Doctors spend more time with patient records than with patients themselves — and it signals a major problem

Nearly half of their day was spent doing desk work, or filling in electronic health records, the data that's kept on a patient so that doctors can track their progress and remember key details, like what prescriptions a patient...

September 1, 2016 Australia worst among G20 when it comes to action on climate change, report finds

Source: The Guardian

Australia the only country to receive a rating of ‘very poor’ in a majority of categories in Climate Transparency scorecard

August 30, 2016 U.S. Traffic Deaths Make the Biggest Leap in 50 Years

Source: Fortune

Over the years, the U.S. government has relied on laws and safety outreach programs to help reduce the number of traffic deaths. And it’s been successful. Ten years ago, 25% more people died in traffic accidents than in 2015....

Commentary & Opinion

September 16, 2016 Hey, Wells Fargo: Are You Kidding Me?

Source: Forbes

The largest U.S. bank by stock value, Wells Fargo WFC -0.80%, was hit with fines amounting to just under $200 million for its rogue sales behavior.

September 12, 2016 Why Brands Mean So Much To Us, And How To Protect Them

Forbes - The man has nearly single-handedly turned the concept of â??eventsâ?? into landmark occasions, beginning with the events management company he started in Paris in the1990s, producing such prestigious global...

September 11, 2016 Days We Will Never Forget. Nor Should We. They Are Burned Deep in Memory…

Source: Hank Boerner

There are days that we should hever forget. The President of the United States said that after the awful tragedies of September 11, 2001, when thousands of Americans and visitors died and thousands more were injured in the direct...

Video Interview - October 2007 - Cablevision System - New York

Governance & Accountability Chairman, Hank Boerner interviewed by host Dr. Harvey Passes - Comments on emergency preparedness, protecting your home and family, business and other topics and concerns.

30 Minutes:  Click Here for Video

 The "Wei Ji" -- The Chinese pictograph (word) for crisis and opportunity.  It's often up to you which term should apply!


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