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Commentary & Opinion

September 25, 2013 ESG and impact investing-the new killer app

Source: Reuters

When I started to talk with asset owners and managers about ESG investment (liquid side of sustainable investment) and Impact investment (illiquid side of sustainable investment), everyone asked me “Robert, that is fascinating...

September 23, 2013 A Better Way to Compare C.E.O. Pay

Source: Gretchen Morgenson, NY Times

Now the Securities and Exchange Commission has dipped its toe into the executive pay pool with a rule issued last week that would require companies to publish a comparison of their chief executives’ pay to the median compensation...

September 20, 2013 Money Funds Are Circling the Wagons on Rules

Source: Floyd Norris, NY Times

Bank regulators around the world are forcing banks to hold more capital than they did before the financial crisis revealed just how inadequate their capital truly was. But one set of American banks appears to be on the verge of...

September 16, 2013 Recollections of 30 years of EIRIS

Source: EIRIS Blog

Imagine the ethical investment scene in the early eighties. Some investors were waking up to their responsibilities as part-owners of companies that had a significant impact on society and the world. Yet there were no channels...

September 6, 2013 The Perils When Megabanks Lose Focus

Source: Floyd Norris, NY Times

Five years ago, as Lehman Brothers teetered, there was remarkably little concern about what would happen if it failed and virtually none about what would happen to the rest of Wall Street if it did.

September 6, 2013 From Externality to Reality – ’30 years of making the business case for environmental issues

Source: Eiris Blog

It is commonly accepted that the modern environmental movement was founded in the 1960’s, catalysed by the publication of Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring. Despite this, when EIRIS was established in 1983, most in the business and...

September 3, 2013 Why Fukushima is worse than you think

Source: CNN

“Careless” was how Toyoshi Fuketa, commissioner of the Japanese Nuclear Regulation Authority, reportedly described the inspection quality of hundreds of water tanks at the crippled Fukushima plant following the recent discovery...

August 30, 2013 Why Wal-Mart Will Never Pay Like Costco

Source: Megan McArdle, Bloomberg

The average American cashier makes $20,230 a year, a salary that in a single-earner household would leave a family of four living under the poverty line. But if he works the cash registers at QuikTrip, it's an entirely different...

August 27, 2013 A Sarbanes-Oxley Act for Food Safety Could Save Lives - editorial

Source: Food Safety News

Bill Marler and I speak to senior executives of food manufacturing companies and restaurant operators many times each year. We are almost always surprised (yes, even we can be naive sometimes) by how little they know about the...

August 23, 2013 How BlackBerry Handled Past Wealth

Source: Floyd Norris, NY Times

It started in an unlikely place, far from the headquarters of more established technology companies, and grew to become a dominant player. Along the way, investors piled in, undeterred by the company’s policy of never paying a...

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