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Corporate Governance, News and Updates on Corporate Governance

Before the late-2001 financial implosion at Enron " Fortune's 7th largest of the famed 500 " resulted literally in the disappearance of that Houston-based corporation, and before the largest corporate bankruptcy filing in history " WorldCom in 2002 " few people in the United States regularly used the term "corporate governance."

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News & Updates

August 28, 2015 Tesla's New Car Is So Good, It Literally Broke the Consumer Reports Scale

Source: Bloomberg

This score is kind of insane. Tesla Motors Inc.’s all-wheel-drive version of the battery-powered Model S, the P85D, earned a 103 out of a possible 100 in an evaluation by Consumer Reports magazine

August 28, 2015 Burger King Called for a Truce with McDonald's. And McDonald's Totally Blew It


In case you missed it, Burger King took out a full page ad in The New York Times and Chicago Tribune yesterday, proposing a one-day truce in support of world peace. The pitch was in collaboration with Peace One Day, a non-profit...

August 28, 2015 One in Seven People on Earth Use Facebook in Single Day

Source: Newsweek

"We just passed an important milestone," Mark Zuckerberg announced on his personal Facebook page Thursday afternoon. "For the first ever, one billion people used Facebook in a single day."

Research & Insights

August 31, 2015 Corporate Governance And Hedge Fund Activism

Source: ValueWalk

Over the past 25 years, hedge fund activism has emerged as new form of corporate governance mechanism that brings about operational, financial and governance reforms to a corporation. Many prominent business executives and legal...

August 26, 2015 Three big U.S. consumer companies have highest CEO pay gaps - study

Source: Reuters

Popular consumer brands Discovery Communications, Chipotle Mexican Grill and CVS Health Corp pay their chief executive officers more than a thousand times what they pay their typical worker, giving them the biggest internal pay...

August 24, 2015 Proxy Access Proposals: Preliminary 2015 U.S. Postseason Review

Source: ValueWalk

Momentum is the buzzword that best describes the 2015 Proxy Season in the U.S. market. Some issues, such as proxy access, hit the ground running and emerged as ballot box juggernauts. Other topics, such as calls for independent...

Commentary & Opinion

August 24, 2015 3 Things That Will Eventually Kill Your Business

Source: Forbes

Today, in fact, only 13% of the original Fortune 500 companies from 1955 are still around. Once great firms like Bethlehem Steel and RCA no longer exist and others, such as General Motors and IBM have had near death experiences.

August 21, 2015 You can’t pay a good person too much

Source: Banking Exchange

I used to work for a bank president who said, “You can’t pay a good person too much.” That’s not a statement meant to be taken literally. But it’s an excellent guiding principle for executive compensation, especially today in...

August 17, 2015 4 ways to stop worrying and embrace creative risks

Source: Fortune

Creativity, innovation, imagination – these elements are often the precursors to change in our workplaces, and in a world that already offers so many uncertainties, it’s no wonder that they might not occur naturally for some of...

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