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December 20, 2013 The only way to stop climate change now may be revolution

Source: Quartz

So it’s come to this. Last year, a researcher presented a paper on climate change at the American Geophysical Union’s meeting entitled ”Is Earth F**ked?” which advocated “environmental direct action, resistance taken from outside...

November 14, 2013 Why the EPA would be wise to slow its carbon agenda

Dallas Morning News - In the most sweeping step to date in this administrationâs environmentally futile but inevitably damaging climate action plan, the Environmental Protection Agency has begun field hearings on planned...

November 8, 2013 Nuclear: A surprisingly progressive solution to climate change

Source: CNN

Last week a leaked draft of a report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warned that climate change will have severe ramifications for the global food supply, making it harder for crops to survive and leading to...

November 8, 2013 Will We Ever be Prepared for Climate Change?

Source: Moyers and Company

Last week, an early draft of an Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report was leaked to bloggers and picked up in the mainstream press. The first installment of that report, released in September, stated that human...

November 4, 2013 Five Myths About the “Carbon Asset Bubble”

Source: Geoffrey Styles, Energy Trends Insider

In their Wall St. Journal op-ed this week, Al Gore and one of his business partners characterize the current market for investments in oil, gas and coal as an asset bubble. They also offer investors some advice for quantifying...

October 25, 2013 Redesigning our coast to hold back a hurricane

Herald Community Newspapers - Over the past four decades, though, the Dutch have committed, like no other people on the planet ... The nation constructs its coastal fortifications to the highest standard ââ capable of...

October 15, 2013 Climate change is here and now: Our view -Editorial

Source: USA Today

All too often, global warming is discussed as something that will affect future generations of people, penguins and polar bears. That it will. But a mounting body of evidence demonstrates that climate change is neither distant...

October 9, 2013 Sustainable materials – with both eyes open

Source: Reuters

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) estimates that global greenhouse gas reductions of 50–85 per cent will be needed by 2050 to avoid dangerous climate change, representing a radical shift away from today’s...

October 3, 2013 China’s Poisoned Air Prompts Woman to Devise Green Tax

Source: Bloomberg

Reading in her hotel room in 1996, geology student Cao Jing noticed something alarming: the pages of her book were being coated with brown coal dust. Her realization -- in Qinhuangdao, a tourist city where China’s Great Wall...

October 1, 2013 No more excuses on climate change

Source: Washington Post

Skeptics and deniers can make all the noise they want, but a landmark new report is unequivocal: There is a 95 percent chance that human-generated emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases are changing the climate in...

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