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Commentary & Opinion

August 26, 2015 Prowling bear won't maul U.S. stocks: Wall Street

Source: USA Today

One-thousand-point daily drops for the Dow. The first 10% correction for the broad U.S. stock market in four years. Fear and panic on the rise on Wall Street. Is a dreaded bear market, or drop of 20%, next?

August 26, 2015 Political Risks May Foil Economic Reform in China

Source: NY Times

Can China pull it off? A couple of weeks ago, the International Monetary Fund told the world that China was essentially doing O.K. It is “transitioning to a new normal,” the I.M.F. said in its regular economic assessment, toward...

August 26, 2015 World sinks deep into recession: Opposing view

Source: USA Today

When commodity prices began collapsing in mid-July, Wall Street blamed rising expectations that the Federal Reserve would boost interest rates by year’s end. And, because commodities are traded in U.S. dollars, it would become...

August 26, 2015 Impossible trinity gives China a difficult choice

Source: Reuters

Beijing can bend the laws of economics, but it can’t break them. The central bank’s impressive foreign currency war chest gives China the room to muddle through between three objectives: lower interest rates, a stable yuan, and a...

August 25, 2015 How To Handle Stock Market Crashes

Source: Forbes

When stock markets take a turn for the worse the way they have in the last few days, it’s easy for investors to get overwhelmed. Perfectly rational adults with diversified, long-term portfolio are suddenly confronted with...

August 25, 2015 Stock Markets' Wild Ride Likely Just the Beginning, Experts Say

Source: NBC News

Hold onto your seats, stock market investors. The wild ride has likely just begun. The opposing forces of economic sentiment that briefly drove U.S. stocks down more than 1,000 points in early trading Monday, then took investors...

August 24, 2015 Global Economy: Three Scary Similarities Between Now And The 1930s

Source: Forbes

Most notably, the Yuan devaluation has fueled a global currency crisis as the currencies of nations competing with Asia are also under pressure. Worse, the crisis in currency and commodity markets has spread over into equity...

August 24, 2015 3 Things That Will Eventually Kill Your Business

Source: Forbes

Today, in fact, only 13% of the original Fortune 500 companies from 1955 are still around. Once great firms like Bethlehem Steel and RCA no longer exist and others, such as General Motors and IBM have had near death experiences.

August 24, 2015 China has room to grow, but only with reform and better governance

Source: Financial Review

Reading the latest Chinese growth projections to 2050 brings to mind Karl Marx's aphorism that history repeats itself first as tragedy, second as farce. One of the co-authors, a Yale economics professor, told the Financial Times...

August 19, 2015 Sons of Indicted Swiss Financial Adviser Keep Business in the Family

Source: Bloomberg

For more than two decades, prosecutors allege, Swiss financial adviser Josef Beck practiced the dark art of handling dirty money. He conspired with Switzerland’s biggest bank, UBS Group AG, to help dozens of Americans evade...

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