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Featured Articles

July 18, 2014 Report: Climate changing more rapidly than at any point on record

Source: Science Magazine

A new look at the “vital signs” of Earth’s climate reveals a stark picture of declining health. As global temperatures rise, so do sea level and the amount of heat trapped in the ocean’s upper layers. Meanwhile, mountain glaciers...

July 18, 2014 Why sustainability requires leadership training

Source: GreenBiz

Sustainability is now firmly on the radar screen of business. Along with their ongoing focus on economic issues, two-thirds of executives and managers now consider social and environmental issues as significant or very...

July 18, 2014 BitRegulation! NY plans new rules for virtual currencies

Source: CNBC

The State of New York is weighing a raft of new rules to regulate bitcoin and other virtual currencies, the state's financial regulators announced on Thursday, proposing to issue a "BitLicense" that would protect consumers,...

July 18, 2014 FedEx Indicted for Shipping Drugs for Online Pharmacies

Source: Bloomberg

FedEx Corp. (FDX:US) was accused in a federal indictment of delivering prescription pain pills, sedatives, anti-anxiety drugs and other controlled substances for illegal Internet pharmacies.

July 17, 2014 U.S. Treasury urges Congress to act on corporate tax dodge deals

Source: Reuters

Calling for a new sense of "economic patriotism," U.S. Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew urged Congress on Wednesday to take steps quickly to discourage U.S. companies from moving their tax domiciles abroad to avoid federal...

July 17, 2014 California's Drought Is 'The Greatest Water Loss Ever Seen,' And The Effects Will Be Severe

Source: Business Insider

California's current drought will cost the state $2.2 billion and 17,000 jobs, researchers announced at a press conference July 15 in Washington, D.C. The findings are from a new report from the UC Davis Center for Watershed...

July 17, 2014 Harness these forces to transform your sustainability practices

Source: GreenBiz

Sustainability is no ordinary change-management challenge. An entire economic system is in transition. That’s why forces beyond the ordinary are so badly needed. Over the past two years, while doing research for my new book,...

July 17, 2014 Market Structure Map - CYNK Me

Source: Tim Quast, president, ModernNetworks IR LLC

Movie tip: Karen and I took our visiting teenaged nephew to see Edge of Tomorrow, starring Tom Cruise. Hysterically entertaining. Appropriate for teens (scary monsters but no gore), and gripping for adults! There was a 1982...[more]

July 16, 2014 #Fail: Why CEOs and consumers are out of step on sustainability

Source: GreenBiz

A new global study on consumers and companies reveals a troubling disconnect on sustainability. Its findings shed much-needed light on why consumers remain both hopeful and skeptical on whether companies are truly engaged — and...

July 16, 2014 Yellen Tempers Economic Expectations, Promises Fed Support In Congressional Testimony

Source: Forbes

In her semi-annual testimony before the Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee Tuesday, Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen drew a somber portrait of current economic conditions. While she pointed to many...

July 16, 2014 Two Fukushima reactors safe to switch on: Watchdog

Source: Times Live

Japan's nuclear watchdog said that two atomic reactors were safe enough to switch back on, marking a major step towards restarting the country's nuclear plants which were shut after the Fukushima crisis.

July 16, 2014 Calif. OKs $500 fines for wasting water

Source: USA Today

California water regulators Tuesday approved fines for washing cars, watering lawns or hosing down sidewalks after revised figures showed that residents have increased consumption despite calls for big cutbacks amid the state's...

July 15, 2014 Companies Don't Care Anymore That You Don't Care Anymore About This Sustainability Thing

Source: Bloomberg

It kind of doesn't matter to serious companies that some people still dismiss corporate sustainability as empty green PR. “It kind of doesn't matter," Sprint CEO Dan Hesse said in an interview last month. "We do it because it's...

July 15, 2014 A Guide to Yellen Testimony: No Rush to Tighten

Source: BusinessWeek- Bloomberg

Here’s what to look for when Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen testifies before the Senate Banking Committee at 10 a.m. today and before the House Financial Services Committee tomorrow.

July 15, 2014 8 charts that show how climate change is making the world more dangerous

Source: The Guardian

Forget the future. The world already is nearly five times as dangerous and disaster prone as it was in the 1970s, because of the increasing risks brought by climate change, according to a new report from the World Meteorological...

July 15, 2014 Company striving for sustainability

Source: Go Upstate

The BMW brand is so closely tied to a vision of sustainable environmental stewardship that it has become part of the auto manufacturer's corporate identity to South Carolina's conservation leaders.

July 15, 2014 FT series: A world without water


In the first instalment of a series on the threat of water scarcity, Pilita Clark describes the cost to companies

July 14, 2014 This Billionaire Gets It! - text/video

Source: Larry Checco, featured commentator

Billionaire Nick Hanauer makes more sense in a 5-minute TED Talk video—which, BTW, was apparently temporarily banned by TED Talk execs—than any supply-side economist has in decades (see video below). Hanauer earned his money the...[more]

July 14, 2014 'Wild west' of eco-labels: sustainability claims are confusing consumers - The choices are endless: eggs have more eco-labels than any other product, according to GreenerChoices, a website from the non-profit consumer advocacy group îConsumers Unionî. And yet this litany of...

July 14, 2014 Coastal flooding has surged in U.S., Reuters finds

Source: Reuters

Coastal flooding along the densely populated Eastern Seaboard of the United States has surged in recent years, a Reuters analysis has found. During the past four decades, the number of days a year that tidal waters reached or...

July 14, 2014 Why Europe May Gain the Edge for Investors

Source: NY Times

At first glance, the case for investing in Europe isn’t all that compelling. After suffering through the longest recession in a generation, Europe’s economy is barely treading water. Growth is so sluggish there, in fact, that the...

July 11, 2014 New Partnership Offers Clients of Governance & Accountability Institute Access to RepRisk Comprehensive ESG Intelligence

Source: Governance & Accountability Institute

New York/Zurich – As part of its portfolio of resources to help managers identify, understand, monitor, and address their sustainability challenges, the Governance & Accountability (G&A) Institute will now bring the benefits of...[more]

July 11, 2014 Is a sustainable supply chain an obligation or necessity?

Source: Packaging Digest

Over the past decade, sustainability across industries has evolved and grown in importance. Most organizations that once felt it was something they needed to do to meet their social, legal and regulatory responsibilities, today...

July 11, 2014 Cities and businesses prepare for the threat climate change poses to water

Source: The Guardian

Cities are home to half the world's population and produce a staggering 80% of global GDP. As more of us continue to migrate to cities, these numbers are widely expected to grow. According to the latest report from the...

July 11, 2014 World Council of Churches pulls fossil fuel investments

Source: The Guardian

An umbrella group of churches, which represents over half a billion Christians worldwide, has decided to pull its investments out of fossil fuel companies. The move by the World Council of Churches, which has 345 member churches...

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