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Recent Featured Articles

Featured Articles

June 22, 2015 Studies Show that Global Warming May Not Affect Higher Winter Death Rates

Source: Pioneer News

On our planet, winter is a harsh season. Many species struggle during the unforgiving conditions, and humans are no different. And it might seem that the plus side of this is that global warming would mean the winters aren’t so...

June 22, 2015 WikiLeaks’ Latest Dump: More Sony Documents

Source: Time

WikiLeaks has done yet another data dump of classified documents, this time of 276,394 Sony Corp. communications, including email, travel calendars, contact lists, expense reports and private files.

June 22, 2015 Why engaging employees on sustainability really isn't about money

Source: Greenbiz

How do you motivate employees? More specifically, how do you engage employees in sustainability initiatives — which are often not tied directly to paychecks or profit margins, but rather seek to combat more daunting societal...

June 19, 2015 The Pope’s Green Theology

Source: Wall Street Journal

Let’s cut to the chase: Much of what is in Pope Francis’ encyclical on environmental stewardship, Laudato Si’, poses a major challenge for free-market advocates, those of us who believe that capitalism is a powerful force for...

June 19, 2015 Europe scrambles to pick up pieces of Greek talks failure

Source: Washington Post

LUXEMBOURG — Europe was scrambling Friday to pick up the pieces after another failed meeting over Greece’s bailout that reinforced fears that the country was heading for bankruptcy and a possible euro exit.

June 19, 2015 Organic farmers see green both in sustainability and profits

Source: AZ Daily Sun

The analysis, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, found that the premium organic farmers can charge for their products makes their operations financially sustainable.

June 19, 2015 Demote Hamilton on the $10 Bill? Not So Fast, Treasury

Source: NY Times

The Treasury Department has announced that it intends to redesign the $10 bill and substitute a portrait of a famous American woman for Alexander Hamilton, one of the founding fathers. Many people think it’s about time a woman...

June 18, 2015 Reframing Corporate Sustainability

Source: Huff Post

One of the most famous frames related to corporate sustainability is the triple bottom line. The triple bottom line separates the way we think about business into three broad areas: economic, social and environmental. This frame...

June 18, 2015 Fed says U.S. economy strong enough to handle rate hike

The U.S. economy is growing moderately after a winter swoon and likely strong enough to support an interest rate increase by the end of the year, but concerns remain over the recovery of the labour market, U.S. Federal Reserve...

June 18, 2015 Market Structure Map - The Escalator

Source: Tim Quast , president, ModernNetworks IR LLC

As the US investor-relations profession’s annual confabulation concludes in the Windy City, we wonder how the week will end. The problem is risk. Or rather, the cost of transferring it to somebody else. Today the Federal...[more]

June 18, 2015 GRI Plans to Make Sustainability Reporting Available in Real Time

Source: Environmental Leader

As part of its updated strategy, called GRI: Empowering Sustainable Decisions, GRI says it will collaborate with leading technology companies to explore ways to make sustainability information more accessible, comparable and...

June 17, 2015 Fed eyes mixed bag of data as new rate 'regime' nears

Source: Reuters

The U.S. Federal Reserve is meeting with the possibility of an interest rate hike squarely on the table, but with a different issue center stage: Is the worst of 2015 over?

June 17, 2015 EU set to meet green energy goal but UK, Netherlands trail

Source: Reuters

The European Union is collectively on track to achieve its goal of sourcing a fifth of its energy from renewables by 2020, although Britain, the Netherlands and Luxembourg are lagging behind other states, the European Commission...

June 17, 2015 Global Water Shortage: Study Says Third of Aquifers Running Dry

Source: NBC News

California isn't the only place where water is in short supply. More than a third of the world's groundwater basins are distressed, according to a new study, and climate change and a growing population will only make things...

June 17, 2015 The case for a human-centered sustainability strategy

Source: Green Biz

The goal of green building is to make the building perform better. Historically this has led to a focus on energy, water and materials, with a heavy emphasis on predicting performance on such things as energy usage but not...

June 16, 2015 Beyond the Perfect Drought:

Source: Yale

The record-breaking drought in California is not chiefly the result of low precipitation. Three factors – rising temperatures, groundwater depletion, and a shrinking Colorado River – mean the most populous U.S. state will face...

June 16, 2015 Euro Falls First Time in Three Days as Greece Standoff Worsens

Source: Bloomberg

The euro fell for the first time in three days against the dollar amid concern time is running out for Greece to secure a bailout.

June 16, 2015 Four Strategies for Responding to Sustainability-Oriented Competitors

Source: Knowledge Insead

Employees want to work for them, customers are willing to pay more for their products and investors are eager to become shareholders. “Hybrid social ventures” like Whole Foods, Patagonia, and Honest Tea that combine commerce with...

June 16, 2015 Do a state's politics influence its greenhouse gas emissions? Yes, study says

Source: LA Times

Over the years, it's been a tough road for environmentalists pushing for greenhouse gas emission curbs at the federal level — but advocates shouldn't give up hope, say researchers at Michigan State University.

June 16, 2015 Tropical Storm Bill Barrels Toward Texas Coast

Source: NBC News

Waterlogged Texas was getting set for another soaking as Tropical Storm Bill barreled towards the coast on Tuesday morning.

June 15, 2015 Fed meeting should leave a Final Four of dates for rate hike

Source: MarketWatch

WASHINGTON — Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen and most of her colleagues are insistent that they plan to raise interest rates this year. So markets will be focused on this week’s U.S. central bank’s policy meeting for...

June 15, 2015 RPT-EU Commission says Greek proposal incomplete, euro ministers to decide

Source: Reuters

Last-ditch talks between Greece and the institutions representing its creditors did not succeed in securing a deal on Sunday, leaving a final decision on a possible default to euro zone finance ministers, the European Commission...

June 15, 2015 Bloomberg Becomes First Company to Report on Sustainability Using SASB Standards

Source: Just Means

Bloomberg’s commitment to link market transparency through quality sustainability data with investment performance has led the company to build a dynamic partnership with the Sustainability Accounting StandardsBoard (SASB). The...

June 15, 2015 California moves to restrict water pumping by pre-1914 rights holders

Source: LA Times

For the first time in nearly 40 years, state regulators are telling more than 100 growers and irrigation districts with some of the oldest water rights in California that they have to stop drawing supplies from drought-starved...

June 12, 2015 Americans’ Net Worth Reaches High of $84.9 Trillion

Source: Wall Street Journal

Americans’ combined wealth set a fresh record in the first quarter amid rising home values and stock prices, a trend that could prop up economic growth, though consumers also showed some caution when borrowing in a sluggish...

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