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Featured Articles

July 28, 2015 VW overtakes Toyota as world's biggest carmaker

Source: Reuters

Volkswagen (VOWG_p.DE) overtook Toyota (7203.T) as the world's largest carmaker by sales in the first half, achieving its long-held ambition three years ahead of target.

July 27, 2015 Investors Flee Russia as Morgan Stanley Sees Long Market Chill

Source: Bloomberg

A worsening outlook for the price of crude, the country’s biggest export, and international sanctions that are pushing Russia toward its first recession since 2009 have prompted money managers at Franklin Templeton Investments...

July 27, 2015 Very Large Fires All Across Southern Alaska

Source: Environmental Protection

The Alaska Interagency Coordination Center was tracking 290 fires in Alaska on July 25, with "very large" fires spread across southern Alaska, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. The 2015 Alaska fire season is already the...

July 27, 2015 On four continents, historic droughts wreak havoc

USA Today - according to the U.N.'s îIntergovernmental Panel on Climate Changeî. Every drought is unique, said Peter Gleick, president of the Pacific Institute, a global water think tank in Oakland. "The same drought...

July 27, 2015 Why Sustainability Isn't a Bad Word in Corporate America

Source: The Motley Fool

Corporate social responsibility and sustainability are popular words in corporate America these days. Companies are hiring chief sustainability officers, who report directly to the CEO, and they're incorporating social...

July 24, 2015 On History, Sustainability, and Community

Source: Huff Post

Even if you don't believe in climate change, you must believe in sustainability. As former treasury secretary Hank Paulson said, "Economic growth and environmental protection are not at odds. They're opposite sides of the same...

July 24, 2015 Giving Hippies Key to Portfolio Is Not Such a Bad Idea After All

Source: Bloomberg

Some of the fundamentalists from both streets may bristle at the comparison, but the trend of incorporating environmental, social and governance (or "ESG") considerations into investment decisions seems to be spreading faster...

July 24, 2015 Oil Warning: The Crash Could Be the Worst in More Than 45 Years

Source: Bloomberg

The current downturn could even rival the iconic price crash of 1986, analysts had warned—but definitely no worse. This week, a revision: It could be much worse.

July 24, 2015 Did climate change kill the woolly mammoth?

Source: CBS News

It was long thought that hunting by humans was the driving force behind the demise of mammoths, giant sloths and other massive mammals that roamed the Earth tens of thousand of years ago.

July 23, 2015 Mayors endorse UN sustainability goals at Vatican

Source: OC Register

VATICAN CITY – Mayors emboldened by an appeal from Pope Francis committed themselves Wednesday to a new set of U.N. goals to end poverty and promote sustainable development over the next 15 years.

July 23, 2015 The godfather of global warming's frightening prediction is getting the cold shoulder

Source: Mashable

This week, a prominent climate scientist, James Hansen, entered the fray with a study aimed at getting policymakers' attention by saying that the 2 degree Celsius target is dangerously reckless, and that we should be aiming for...

July 23, 2015 U.S. home sales approach eight-and-a-half-year high, prices surge

Source: Reuters

U.S. home resales rose in June to their highest level in nearly 8-1/2 years, a sign of pent-up demand that should buoy the housing market recovery and likely keep the Federal Reserve on track to raise interest rates later this...

July 23, 2015 New York Acts to Mandate $15 Minimum Wage in Fast Food

Source: NY Times

The labor protest movement that fast-food workers in New York City set off nearly four years ago has led to higher wages for workers all over the country. On Wednesday, it finally paid off for the people who started it.

July 22, 2015 Historic Texas drought over: Zero Texans impacted by drought conditions statewide

Source: Houston Chronicle

According to the newest U.S. Drought Monitor report, not a single Texan or Texas county is still impacted by drought conditions following a spring and early summer of heavy rains and flooding

July 22, 2015 What's behind the falling prices of oil, gold and copper

Source: CNN Money

There's a firesale on raw materials like copper, aluminum, gold and oil, raising concerns about the health of the global economy.

July 22, 2015 Investors: Sustainability Disclosures are Mostly Fluff

Source: Wall Street Journal

About 75% of companies in the S&P 500 index published sustainability reports last year. But U.S. investors say they are mostly disappointed in the information companies are releasing on greenhouse gas emissions or waste reduction.

July 22, 2015 Ethics across the generations

Source: Management Issues

We hear a lot about different generations in the workplace - Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials. But what does business ethics mean to them, and how do you engage them with ethical issues in the workplace?...

July 21, 2015 Sustainability as a business approach

Source: Farm Futures

Mention 'sustainability' in a farm meeting and you might be greeted with a roll of the eyes. Not because your listeners don't believe in it, more likely it's because U.S. farmers have been living sustainability for generations....

July 21, 2015 Big Banks’ Stress Level Is Rising

Source: Wall Street Journal

Big banks scored a minor regulatory victory Monday. But this may be overshadowed by comments from Federal Reserve officials indicating that annual stress tests could become even more stringent.

July 21, 2015 Climate scientists say 2015 on track to be warmest year on record

Source: The Guardian

The Earth experienced its hottest June and the hottest first half of the year since records began, according to scientists. Off-the-charts heat is “getting to be a monthly thing”, said Jessica Blunden, a climate scientist for the...

July 21, 2015 Arctic Sea Ice Rebounded—But the Melting Hasn’t Stopped

Source: Time

Arctic sea ice volume increased by more than a quarter after the summers of 2013 and 2014 as a result of unusually cool temperatures, a deviation from the general downward trend of ice levels, according to new research published...

July 21, 2015 3 trends that are burying gold prices

Source: CBS Money Watch

Gold bugs are getting squished. Prices for the precious metal hit a five-year low on Monday, closing at $1,107 a troy ounce on the New York Mercantile Exchange, its lowest level since March 2010. Prices fell for a number of...

July 20, 2015 Can Collectively become the ESPN of sustainability?

Source: GreenBiz

The fact is, boomers like me, especially in the corporate world, have had a decades-long, massive failure reaching any consumer segment with relevant, motivating sustainability content. As a matter of reality, many companies...

July 20, 2015 Why Shell had the worst week ever

Source: MSNBC

This should have been one of Shell’s best weeks ever. Instead, it shaped up like the corporate equivalent of “The Hangover Part III.” And a happy ending is nowhere in sight.

July 20, 2015 First FAA-Approved Drone Delivery in U.S. is Successful

Source: PC Mag

A medicine-delivering drone from Flirtey completed the first-ever FAA-approved package delivery on Friday, bring supplies to a rural hospital in southwest Virginia. Said trip normally takes 90 minutes of driving (on winding...

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