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Featured Articles

April 3, 2015 The 5 Things Walmart Actually Needs To Do With Its Battered Supplier Base

Source: Forbes

Walmart (WMT) wants to take advantage of these lower commodity prices and is taking a closer look at how it works with its suppliers. The focus is not new. The supplier base is used to engaging in this type of program, and is...

April 3, 2015 Could sustainability 'survey fatigue' launch a $1 billion industry?

Source: GreenBiz

The current $250 million sustainability information market includes some 150 rating systems covering more than 50,000 companies on about 10,000 performance metrics — a glut of sustainability data that has helped lead to more than...

April 3, 2015 3 vital facts about flood insurance cost hike

Source: USA Today

The Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act of 2014, which took effect Thursday, will include premium increases of up to 18% for primary homeowners and 25% for those who own vacation homes or rental properties. A new...

April 2, 2015 Doubts over U.S. growth cool dollar rally

Source: Reuters

The U.S. dollar lost ground on Thursday, the last trading day of the week for many markets ahead of Easter, after disappointing economic data on Wednesday raised doubts over the growth outlook ahead of key jobs data due Friday.

April 2, 2015 California governor orders 25 percent reduction in water usage statewide

Source: Reuters

California Governor Jerry Brown, acting in the face of a devastating multiyear drought, ordered the first statewide mandatory water restrictions on Wednesday, directing cities and communities to reduce usage by 25 percent.

April 2, 2015 How Much U.S. Oil and Gas Comes From Fracking?

Source: Wall Street Journal

Hydraulic fracturing has unleashed vast new quantities of crude oil and natural gas. The percentage of fuel flowing from shale-rock compared with traditional oil and gas fields has been steadily rising. But lackluster energy...

April 2, 2015 Sustainability Disclosures – In Some Places, It's The Law

Source: Mondaq

SASB (the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board) wishes to bring sustainability considerations in SEC-required disclosures to a whole new level. SASB intends to have sustainability standards achieve the same stature with...

April 2, 2015 Buffett Says Greek Exit From Euro ‘May Not Be a Bad Thing’

Source: Bloomberg

Billionaire investor Warren Buffett said the euro region could withstand Greece’s departure from the currency union. “If it turns out the Greeks leave, that may not be a bad thing for the euro,” Buffett told CNBC in an interview...

April 1, 2015 U.S. to pledge cut in greenhouse gas emissions by up to 28 percent

Source: PBS

WASHINGTON — The United States pledged Tuesday to cut its greenhouse gas emissions up to 28 percent as its contribution to a global treaty aimed at preventing the worst effects of climate change.

April 1, 2015 Bull trots on: Stocks grind higher for 9th straight quarter

Source: Washington Post

NEW YORK — The bull market slowed to a trot but didn’t stop this winter. Stocks have been buffeted since the start of the year by plunging oil prices, a surging dollar and worries about the timing of a potential rate increase by...

April 1, 2015 These Charts Show Clearly Why Oil Prices Crashed

Source: Bloomberg

The geopolitics of oil are complicated, but last year's oil crash isn't. There's one reason above all others for the drop in prices: The U.S. oil boom. Last year was the biggest spike in U.S. oil production since at least 1900,...

April 1, 2015 The Business Case for Sustainability

Source: Memphis Daily News

As businesses, industry, and manufacturers vie for a piece of the ever-shrinking pie, they turn toward sustainability during procurement. Companies are looking hard at their supply bases to ensure suppliers reflect their values....

March 31, 2015 Limiting climate change could have huge economic benefits, study finds

Source: The Guardian

Major economies would boost their prosperity, employment levels and health prospects if they took actions that limited global warming to 2c, according to the first analysis of emissions pledges made before the UN climate summit...

March 31, 2015 Save Money, Live Sustainably?

Source: US News

American consumers have begun to care more about sustainability and to express their concerns as they shop. Increasingly, consumers want to know how the stuff they buy affects the planet and how it affects the people who produce...

March 31, 2015 American Express, Caterpillar, Intel And Microsoft Among 11 Dow Components Under A 'Death Cross'

Source: Forbes

How strong can the stock market be when 11 of the 30 components of the Dow Jones Industrial Average are trading under what technicians call a “death cross.” My definition is a “death cross” occurs when a stock’s 50-day simple...

March 31, 2015 Out-of-work boomers face tough job market

Source: MarketWatch

The U.S. job market is on the mend but boomer workers are probably being left behind. Workers aged 45 to 70 who lose a job face steep challenges in finding new work — and even when they do find a job, it’s often at lower pay and...

March 30, 2015 Climate change does not cause extreme winters, new study shows - Climate model simulations by the îIntergovernmental Panel on Climate Changeî (IPCC) showed similar results: as the climate warms, temperature differences in mid-latitudes decrease, and so does temperature...

March 30, 2015 Fed rate hike may be warranted later this year: Yellen

Source: Business Insider

SAN FRANCISCO - The U.S. Federal Reserve is giving "serious consideration" to beginning to reduce its accommodative monetary policy and a rate hike may be warranted later this year, although a downturn in core inflation or wage...

March 30, 2015 U.S. to submit plans to fight global warming; most others delay

Source: Reuters

OSLO/WASHINGTON - The United States will submit plans for slowing global warming to the United Nations early this week but most governments will miss an informal March 31 deadline, complicating work on a global climate deal due...

March 30, 2015 Sustainability: Five steps for managing Europe's forests

Source: Nature

Europe's varied climates support some of the most biodiverse woodlands on Earth. More than 40% of the continent's land area is wooded. In the north, evergreen forests host Norway spruces and Scandinavian pines; around the...

March 27, 2015 Biggest Polluters to Miss Climate Deadline

Source: Bloomberg

Ahead of the March 31 target, only the European Union and Switzerland have unveiled plans, representing about 10 percent of global emissions. The U.S. has promised to hit the deadline. The rest of the world’s major economies,...

March 27, 2015 9 Reasons Your Sustainability Communications Fail

Source: Environmental Leader

Sustainability leaders have to talk – a lot. Sometimes they speak at conferences, other times they speak to clients, or they might even write a guest article for a website. Regardless of the audience or platform, if you’re in...

March 27, 2015 The Only Thing Oil Analysts Can Agree On Is Disagreement

Source: Bloomberg

Standard Chartered Plc’s Paul Horsnell forecasts oil will rise to $90 a barrel in the fourth quarter. Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s Francisco Blanch predicts $58. Six months ago, they were just $1 apart.

March 27, 2015 Guess What's Destroying the Middle Class?

Source: Bloomberg

Perhaps the biggest question in American political economy right now is why middle-class wages have been falling. There are three main hypotheses. Roughly, these are: Robots, unions and China.

March 26, 2015 The Four Filters of ESG Performance

Source: Forbes

Michael Muyot, president and founder of CRD Analytics, a leading provider of independent sustainability investment analytics, is an acknowledged leader in sustainable investing. He has developed a unique set of tools that are...

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