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Recent Featured Articles

Featured Articles

April 9, 2015 Has Environmental Journalism Failed?

Source: Slate

As an environmental journalist, I start off each morning plowing through a half-dozen or so roundups of the day’s biggest environmental news. Invariably, it’s depressing and overwhelming; before I’ve even finished my first cup of...

April 9, 2015 Sustainability Is The Western Myth Of Eternal Life

Source: Forbes

““Sustainability is the Western myth of eternal life and the transcendence of nature. I feel happier thinking about adaptation, resilience, impermanence, respect – and harmony.”

April 9, 2015 Is city life the future of sustainability?

Source: The Guardian

The growth of the city demands our attention. With an increasing proportion of the global population living in cities - and a boom in the growth of Asian megacities in particular - we have no choice but to find ways of making...

April 9, 2015 New minutes show Federal Reserve sticking to a gradual approach on rates

Source: Washington Post

Members of the Federal Reserve’s open market committee were divided at the mid-March meeting over whether to raise interest rates in June or whether to wait a bit longer, but they remained united in their expectations that they...

April 9, 2015 Interior Design goes "Eco Chic"

Source: Jenna Pizzigati-Coppola, Builder & Developer

Eco-friendly and green design is becoming prominent, especially when it comes to building a home’s exterior—but I’m here to say be sure to not overlook your interiors. When committing to a green design approach it’s best to...

April 8, 2015 How to engage your investors on ESG issues in proxy season and beyond

Source: GreenBiz

Spring brings a new proxy voting season, as shareholders exercise their right to raise issues of importance to company management, the board of directors and fellow shareholders. In recent years, the number of shareholder...

April 8, 2015 California’s Voluntary Water Conservation Plan Is Not Close to Working

Source: Circle of Blue

Statewide water use was just 2.8 percent lower in February than in 2013, and far from the 25 percent cut that cities will soon be required to achieve, according to data from 390 urban water suppliers that was presented Tuesday...

April 8, 2015 Forget Interest Rates, the Fed Has Another Big Decision to Make in the Next Year

Source: Bloomberg

In case exiting years of zero interest rates won’t be hard enough, Federal Reserve officials have another challenge approaching quickly: when to begin unwinding trillions of dollars of bond purchases that constitute the world’s...

April 8, 2015 How to really, truly integrate sustainability into your business

Source: GreenBiz

SustainAbility's recently released research See Change: How Transparency Drives Performance proposes a solution to the stalled state of sustainability reporting and transparency. See Change highlights three key elements that must...

April 7, 2015 This Is How America Really Feels About Climate Change: New Model Breaks It Down To The County Level

Source: IB Times

There have been plenty of reports and coverage about global warming, or climate change, but how do Americans really feel about the phenomenon? Researchers from Yale University and Utah State University created a model that...

April 7, 2015 From antibiotics to fossil fuels: the inconvenient truth about sustainability

Source: The Guardian

Humanity has spent the last century creating life-changing luxuries. Here’s why our next move should be learning how to wean ourselves off these wonders

April 7, 2015 National board issues ‘urgent’ recommendations to boost oil train safety

Source: Bangor Daily News

WASHINGTON — The National Transportation Safety Board on Monday called for the faster replacement of rail cars that carry flammable liquids like crude oil or ethanol, one of four urgent recommendations stemming from an...

April 7, 2015 The Downside of Downplaying Pension Costs

Source: Kellogg Insights

Current accounting standards hamper accurate reporting of states’ pension obligations and exacerbate fiscal problems

April 6, 2015 California Governor Defends Water Restrictions That Largely Spare Farms

Source: Time

Governor Jerry Brown defended his state’s new mandatory water restrictions on Sunday as critics claim they largely spare some farms that consume much of California’s water.

April 6, 2015 CDC says 77% of packaged grocery store foods contain high level of Sodium

Source: World of Tech Today

A recent study conducted by the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) holds packaged and processed foods as the main culprits behind the Americans’ consuming salt in excess of the daily recommended allowance....

April 6, 2015 It’s Not the Economy, It’s the Narrative, Stupid!

Source: Larry Checco, featured columnist

Ever ask yourself why low- and moderate-income voters would elect politicians who consistently work to reduce taxes on the wealthiest among us when those same politicians counterbalance the loss in tax revenues by slashing public...[more]

April 6, 2015 Are lawyers the enemy of sustainability execs?

Source: GreenBiz

“All they say is no,” said Dr. Temple Grandin about lawyers. Dr. Grandin is a preeminent animal welfare scientist. At a recent presentation, she proclaimed she wished she could throw all the lawyers out of the room. She explained...

April 3, 2015 This earnings season’s winners? Surprisingly, big banks

Source: MarketWatch

Expect grim headlines as we head into first-quarter earnings season next week. But the news won’t be all bad, and it just might be time for you to consider long-term investments in bank stocks.

April 3, 2015 The 5 Things Walmart Actually Needs To Do With Its Battered Supplier Base

Source: Forbes

Walmart (WMT) wants to take advantage of these lower commodity prices and is taking a closer look at how it works with its suppliers. The focus is not new. The supplier base is used to engaging in this type of program, and is...

April 3, 2015 Could sustainability 'survey fatigue' launch a $1 billion industry?

Source: GreenBiz

The current $250 million sustainability information market includes some 150 rating systems covering more than 50,000 companies on about 10,000 performance metrics — a glut of sustainability data that has helped lead to more than...

April 3, 2015 3 vital facts about flood insurance cost hike

Source: USA Today

The Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act of 2014, which took effect Thursday, will include premium increases of up to 18% for primary homeowners and 25% for those who own vacation homes or rental properties. A new...

April 2, 2015 Doubts over U.S. growth cool dollar rally

Source: Reuters

The U.S. dollar lost ground on Thursday, the last trading day of the week for many markets ahead of Easter, after disappointing economic data on Wednesday raised doubts over the growth outlook ahead of key jobs data due Friday.

April 2, 2015 California governor orders 25 percent reduction in water usage statewide

Source: Reuters

California Governor Jerry Brown, acting in the face of a devastating multiyear drought, ordered the first statewide mandatory water restrictions on Wednesday, directing cities and communities to reduce usage by 25 percent.

April 2, 2015 How Much U.S. Oil and Gas Comes From Fracking?

Source: Wall Street Journal

Hydraulic fracturing has unleashed vast new quantities of crude oil and natural gas. The percentage of fuel flowing from shale-rock compared with traditional oil and gas fields has been steadily rising. But lackluster energy...

April 2, 2015 Sustainability Disclosures – In Some Places, It's The Law

Source: Mondaq

SASB (the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board) wishes to bring sustainability considerations in SEC-required disclosures to a whole new level. SASB intends to have sustainability standards achieve the same stature with...

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