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June 11, 2015 How California Could Have Avoided Its Epic Water Crisis - text/video


California's water crisis is the disaster everybody saw coming but nobody had the political will to stop. It's the byproduct of a broken system that's dominated by self-serving elites and misguided ideologues. Or so says Joel...

June 10, 2015 Meet the woman leading Apple's supplier sustainability push

Source: GreenBiz

Over the last decade, Apple has become the most iconic brand and valuable company in the world. It stands for innovation — innovation in its technology, design and product experience. And it has been a magnet for responsible...

June 10, 2015 Australian businesses warned to put sustainability and ethics first, or fail

Source: The World Today

Australian businesses are being urged to put ethics and sustainability at the heart of their operating models. It's something that'll be discussed by business leaders from around the world at Australia's first 'Conscious Business...

June 10, 2015 Hawaii Is Aiming for 100 Percent Energy Renewables. Can the Nation Follow?

Source: NewsWeek

With Hawaii Governor David Ige’s signature, a 30-year countdown begins. By 2045, Hawaii’s utilities must generate 100 percent of their electricity from renewable sources. This makes the 50th state the first to set its sights on a...

June 9, 2015 Is our drinking water safe from fracking?

Source: The Washington Post

The controversial drilling technique doesn’t need to be banned; it needs to be well regulated. That’s how we explain the seemingly contradictory reaction to the Environmental Protection Agency’s assessment of fracking’s effects...

June 9, 2015 How large companies avoid paying billions in taxes

Source: Dallas Morning News

The most recent tally showed that since 2005, companies in the Standard & Poor’s 500 index have accumulated $2.13 trillion in untaxed foreign earnings. Actually, that’s a rough estimate. It’s probably much higher.

June 9, 2015 Harmony Or Dissonance? The Good Corporate Governance Ideas Of Academics And Worldly Players

Source: Value Walk

This article asks questions concerning ideas about what constitutes good corporate governance that are espoused by academics, such as financial economists and law professors, and by more worldly players such as legislators, rule...

June 8, 2015 The Case for a Carbon Tax

Source: NY Times

In a welcome development, businesses are asking world leaders to do more to address climate change. This week, the top executives of six large European oil and gas companies called for a tax on carbon emissions.

June 8, 2015 Matthew Lester: FIFA, HSBC scandals will improve corporate governance

Source: BizNews

The 2015 attacks on HSBC and FIFA have demonstrated that all multinationals are now at real risk of public humiliation. Nothing is safe anymore. It just takes one whistle blower to step forward and the proverbial hits the fan....

June 8, 2015 The CEO and Food Safety

Source: Forbes

Foodborne illness has, of course, been around as long as there has been food. But the identification and diagnosis of these diseases is an emerging science that is changing all sectors of the food business, and those chief...

June 8, 2015 The Game Of Ethics

Source: Forbes

Sometimes when you get to chatting with someone about their professional journey – you can get bored or disinterested. And then sometimes you become COMPLETELY ENTHRALLED. When I learned that Marcy Maslov found herself in a...

June 8, 2015 Time to seize the sustainable future

Live Mint - and a senior fellow of the Global Green Growth Institute and the îInternational Institute for Sustainable Developmentî. Comments are welcome at > 2553

June 8, 2015 Experts worry about 'smoke and mirrors' in earnings reports as stocks hit record after record

Source: Fox News

The gap between the "adjusted" profits that analysts cite and bottom-line earnings figures that companies are legally obliged to report, or net income, has widened dramatically over the past five years.

June 8, 2015 The case for gender equality

The Express Tribune - Pakistanâs performance is dismal when it comes to womenâs political enfranchisement. The annual Gender Gap Index by the Geneva-based îWorld Economic Forumî this year ranks Pakistan at...

June 7, 2015 All Your Clothes Are Made With Exploited Labor

The Atlantic - Patagonia is an accredited and founding member of the îFair Labor Associationî; its website is as much an educational tool about environmental and social responsibilityâfilled with information on...

June 7, 2015 Six Months Before the Paris Climate Talks, Nations Have a Lot of Work to Do

Vice News - Jennifer Morgan, the global director for the climate program at the World Resources Institute (WRI),said that it's important to keep a bigger, long-term strategy in mind. When diplomats meet in Paris at the end of the...

June 5, 2015 Climate change is already killing people around the world — and it’s only going to get worse

Source: Rawstory

In February, President Obama said that the media “absolutely” overstates the risk of terrorism, while many more lives are claimed by climate change and epidemics. Mike Huckabee shot back, telling Fox News, “I assure you that a...

June 4, 2015 Investing in a Greater Good... Without Sacrificing Returns

Source: Forbes

In some way or another, hopefully we all strive to make the world a better place. There is a time-old question often pondered by investors, “is there a way to do good without sacrificing returns?” Historically, most “socially...

June 4, 2015 The Cultural and Geopolitical Impacts of Climate Change

Source: Newsweek

For years, climate change studies tended to rely on numbers-heavy charts and complex models to report on phenomena such as shrinking polar ice caps; melting glaciers and permafrost; caribou, reindeer and seal populations...

June 4, 2015 Supply Chain Saves the World

Source: Forbes

Humanity has been around for at least 100,000 years. For most of that time, all we could do was hunt down some dinner and watch out for enemies. Technology was personal and mainly a matter of craftsmen making tools, one at a...

June 4, 2015 Driving social and environmental justice into the heart of the US economy - Having created or led three groundbreaking coalitions that have helped shape the sustainability agenda, Massie is seeking to galvanise the hundreds of diverse environmental and îsocial justiceî civil...

June 4, 2015 Are the Texas Floods Evidence of Climate Change?

Source: NewsWeek

Texas has suffered damaging floods and record rainfall in May after years of punishing drought. John Nielsen-Gammon, professor of atmospheric sciences at Texas A&M University and Texas state climatologist, was asked to discuss...

June 3, 2015 Don’t blame the Fed for widening inequality. Blame Congress

Source: Gant Dailt

Put the pitchforks down. Blaming the Federal Reserve for America’s widening income inequality isn’t fair. Yes, income inequality is a major problem, one that was worsened by the Great Recession and the sluggish recovery.


Source: Bloomberg Climate Blog

With Atlantic hurricane season officially beginning this week, now seems like a good time to ask: how are extreme weather and climate change related? The answer: it’s complicated.

June 3, 2015 Shares Too Pricey? Bernanke Doesn’t Think So

Source: Wall Street Journal

Ben Bernanke doesn’t seem to think the stock market is too frothy. In his latest blog post for the Brookings Institution, the former Federal Reserve chairman said the easy-money policies used during his tenure at the central bank...

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