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Recent Commentary

January 25, 2016 Corporate sustainability needs to be ingrained in company culture

Source: The National

...the question of exactly what sustainability means in a corporate setting will no doubt remain a talking point of many a boardroom discussion this year.

January 22, 2016 Stocks: How scared should we be?

Source: CNN Money

Yes, stocks are off to their worst start to a year in history. China doesn't seem to have the same control over its economy anymore, and oil prices have plunged to "unthinkable" levels as OPEC and the United States engage in a...

January 22, 2016 You Say You Want a Revolution

Source: Larry Checco

The Republican and Democratic party establishments are both in a panic about their respective party’s outsider front-runners. Entrenched establishment leaders sense revolution in the air, and rightfully so.[more]

January 20, 2016 Hawking: Disaster a 'near certainty'

Source: Times Live

Professor Stephen Hawking says a disaster on Earth within the next 1000 or 10,000 years is a "near certainty".

January 20, 2016 Doing Well by Doing Good: What’s Next for Impact Investing (Podcast)

Source: Knowledge at Wharton

It has been less than a decade since the varied concepts of socially responsible investing, corporate social responsibility, and generally “doing well while doing good” all got folded into the new idea of impact investing. But...

January 20, 2016 Actually, Things Are Getting Better

Source: Politico

Our national discussion of public affairs gets the line from an old Johnny Mercer song exactly backward: Rather than “accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative,” it greatly exaggerates bad news, and relentlessly ignores...

January 20, 2016 If Bill de Blasio’s talking, he’s probably lying

Source: NY Post

Mayor de Blasio is consistent. He’ll never tell the truth when a lie will do. Or several lies when one isn’t enough, as has been the case from Day One with his bid to ban horse carriages.

January 20, 2016 Building India and a Sustainable Future

Source: Huff Post

For me, being a sustainable business is about more than filling green quotas for recycling and energy preservation. It is about a commitment to supporting sustainability in every corporate decision, and investing time and...

January 20, 2016 The why of sustainability reporting

Source: ECO-Business

As the business and investment community become more aware of the risks and consequences of non-sustainable business practices, more attention has been focused on what companies are doing to mitigate their environmental...

January 20, 2016 Compromise is essential to environmental sustainability

Source: Daily Texas

For many, the new year means getting fit, saving money and setting new goals. For others, it means radically protesting against the federal government.

January 19, 2016 Bernie Sanders Releases Tax Plan, Nation's Rich Recoil In Horror

Source: Forbes

Democratic Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders took a break from yelling at clouds long enough to release his tax plan today, and it’s, how should I put this…aggressive. Sanders proposes a top rate on individual income of a...

January 19, 2016 Global warming strikes deep into oceans – study

Source: New Vision

The oceans have soaked up as much heat from global warming over the last two decades as during the preceding 130 years, according to a study published Monday.While this accelerated absorption has helped keep human habitats...

January 19, 2016 Ten Predictions for Private Equity in 2016

Source: Forbes

These ten predictions forecast sustained appeal and continued growth for private equity, but they also enumerate challenging issues for investors and managers over the next 12 months.

January 19, 2016 Davos: how can an event that's 82% male solve the digital gender divide'

The Guardian - Nearly 3,000 mainly western men will gather at the World Economic Forum event to discuss the transformative power of technology. Addressing the worrying internet gender gap seems unlikely > 1862

January 19, 2016 We Need to Think as World Citizens for the Paris Agreement to Succeed in Combating Climate Change

Source: Huff Post UK

In December 2015 the outstanding results of the COP21 Climate Summit agreement to keep global warming under the 1.5C threshold were announced by the teary-eyed French foreign minister Laurent Fabius, who was applauded with...

January 19, 2016 GE Unveils White Paper At WFES 2016 With Strategies For Improved Energy And Water Resource Management

Abu Dhabi City Guide - According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, renewable water availability in MENA is under 2,000 m3 per capita per year, only a fraction of the world average of 7,240 m3 per...

January 19, 2016 Drawing The Wrong Conclusions From China's Slowing GDP Growth

Source: Forbes

China starting in the 1980s has turned one of the world’s poorest countries into the globe’s No. 2 economy and one of its richest. Armed with plenty of cash and an enormous home market, it seems like a good bet to me that the...

January 18, 2016 Climate Change After Paris

Source: US News & World Report

The South Asian country of Bangladesh sits on a low-lying delta plain, where most elevations are less than 30 feet. The alluvial soil is rich but vulnerable to flooding and drought brought on by extreme weather. In 2009 alone,...

January 18, 2016 US Corporate Governance: Have We Crossed the Rubicon?

Source: Lexology

The general themes on the corporate governance front — shareholder activism, governance activism, scrutiny of board composition, concerns regarding board oversight of risk management, director-shareholder engagement — remain...

January 18, 2016 Time to put people at the core of sustainability policy

Source: The Fifth Estate

The recent COP21 agreement in Paris has been widely hailed as a landmark deal. It signals a shift in international awareness and cooperation, and in the global political will to deliver the practical actions needed to limit the...

January 18, 2016 A step towards sustainability

Source: The National

Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week is different this year, not least because it takes place only a month after the COP21 meeting in Paris. The legally-binding global climate deal adopted by 195 countries set out a comprehensive global...

January 15, 2016 Climate change 'made record UK rainfall in December more likely'

Source: The Guardian

Study finds global warming made Britain 50-75% more likely to receive catastrophic rainfall that caused floods, but natural variation also played a role

January 15, 2016 New report offers framework for business ethics efforts

Source: BizJournal

I make two assumptions about the readers of this column: first, they care about their own ethical behavior; second, they care about the ethical climate of the company or organization they work for or lead.

January 15, 2016 Deadly Disease Strikes After Cost-Cutting Contaminated Flint's Water Supply

Source: Mother Jones

Residents in Flint, Michigan have been outraged since the discovery that their water is tainted with lead, a substance has irreversible neurological and developmental effects on children. The contamination came after the city of...

January 15, 2016 Study sees dramatic progress in greenhouse gas emissions from cattle production

Better Farming - A widely-published expert on ruminant nutrition judging by his Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada profile, McAllister was also a contributing author to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and lead author...

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