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Recent Commentary

October 8, 2015 Money Talks – the Dark Secret of the Sustainability Event Circuit

Source: Sustainable Brands

If you are a sustainability practitioner and attend events on the topic – do you know the approach those events take to recruiting speakers, and do speakers have to pay to play? Do you know which experts are onstage because of...

October 4, 2015 Feedback: Corporate Governance Lessons of VW Affair

Source: Financial Times

Andrew Hill and Michael Skapinker both looked at the unfolding VW scandal in their columns last week. Readers debated the corporate governance implications of the carmaker’s cheating during emissions tests.

October 4, 2015 China Is Gearing Up For Corporate Governance

Source: Institutional Investor

We are embarking on a new era in global markets -- likely one that has at its core China's increasing integration into the global financial system...

September 30, 2015 Can pledges to cut emissions save the world from climate change'

The Christian Science Monitor - "When every country's definition of fair and ambitious uses different metrics you won't easily get to a situation where you divide the carbon budget," Kelly Levin, of the î??World Resources...

September 30, 2015 Are Baby Boomers bad role models for millennials?

Source: Fortune

Millennials are approximately five years away from making up more than 50% of the workplace. Which is why I worry about what they are learning from their role models. Each generation has a major impact on the workplace culture...

September 29, 2015 Volkswagen And The Failure Of Corporate Social Responsibility

Source: Forbes

The Volkswagen case represents above all an absolute failure in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The company deliberately set out to design a means to circumvent emissions control—a stratagem known at the highest...

September 29, 2015 Has The Qatar Investment Authority Really Lost $12 Billion?

Source: Forbes

This morning, the Financial Times splashed with an article saying that the Qatar sovereign wealth fund, the Qatar Investment Authority, had suffered a $12 billion paper loss in the third quarter of 2015. It’s a big claim. But is...

September 29, 2015 Study: New York City could see major flooding every 25 years

Source: The Week

A new study says that due to climate change, major flooding is likely to take place in New York City every 25 years rather than every 500 years

September 29, 2015 Global Water Crisis Is Wrong, Tragic and Unnecessary

Source: Huff Post

If you don't know about the water crisis, you should. About 2.5 billion people are affected. They lack clean water and a toilet. Each day, kids miss school, moms walk miles and families get sick from unsafe water. And too many...

September 29, 2015 The East and West Must Join Together to Fight Climate Change

Source: World Post

BEIJING -- With the conclusion of the Millennium Development Goals in 2015, the international community has now adopted an even more expansive set of Sustainable Development Goals for the future. The SDGs aim not only to end...

September 28, 2015 Study: Most Non-Climate Scientists Agree on Global Warming Too

Source: Time

Nearly 92% of biophysical scientists surveyed believe that human activity has contributed to global warming

September 28, 2015 Preparing boards for the millennials

Director - Christie Hunter Arscott and Emerson Csorba are both World Economic Forum & Global Shapers . Here they offer five ways to attract millennials to your board and help them succeed when they get there Millennials are...

September 28, 2015 Congress Should Give the Government More Money for Wildfires

Source: NY Times

Wildfires that have burned more than eight million acres and are still raging in the West are draining the budgets of federal agencies and forcing them to divert money from essential environmental and land conservation programs...

September 28, 2015 VW: 4 things new CEO must do right now

Source: CNN

Volkswagen's new CEO Matthias Mueller has his work cut out for him.The head of Volkswagen's Porsche brand must quickly lay out a strategy for rescuing the German automaker from its emissions scandal

September 25, 2015 NSA chief says Chinese government encourages cybertheft

Source: LA Times

The head of the National Security Agency told a Senate panel Thursday that Chinese officials are behind the theft of U.S. commercial data and regularly access private digital communications and data that flow through China

September 25, 2015 Talking points, through the years: Climate change edition

Source: Boston Globe

When it comes to climate change, Republicans have modified their talking points over the years — and not in a linear way. In 2008, major candidates acknowledged global warming and suggested specific solutions. In 2012, many...

September 25, 2015 CEOs gone wild?

Source: Baltimore Sun

In the business world, it appears the 5-to-10-year outlook is not just a measure of growth but what the company CEO might be facing in prison time. The recent admission by Volkswagen executives that at least a half-million of...

September 25, 2015 After Volkswagen scandal, can consumers trust anything companies say' (+video)

The Christian Science Monitor - In 2008, Starbucks embarked on a decade-long project with î??Conservation Internationalî?? to improve the sustainability of its coffee supply around the world. Home Depot sells lumber...

September 25, 2015 US-China understanding benefits the world

Source: China Daily

The United States and China share a highly interdependent yet complex relationship that is critically important to both countries and the world. Our nations benefit from areas of fruitful cooperation, even beyond commerce. But...

September 24, 2015 It's an inconvenient truth, but the global warming zealots are to blame for the deadly diesel fiasco, writes STEPHEN GLOVER

Source: Daily Mail

According to Martin Williams, professor of air quality research at King’s College London, diesel cars account for roughly 5,800 premature deaths a year in the UK alone. Other experts put the figure even higher

September 24, 2015 Martin Shkreli: A new icon of modern greed

Source: Washington Post

Turing has a history of business practices and antics that have made Shkreli the subject of regulatory inquiries from the very start of his career.

September 24, 2015 Water shortage is one of the top global risks, how can we avert it?

Source: The Guardian

Unsustainable levels of water are being extracted from many of the world’s fresh water ecosystems: up to 80%-90% of water is already being used in many arid and semi-arid river basins where water is scarce, according to the World...

September 24, 2015 Guilty Verdict Puts Food Safety Responsibility Where It Belongs

Source: Food Safety

Guilty! The perpetrator of the 2008-09 Salmonella outbreak, Stewart Parnell of the Peanut Corporation of America, just received a 28-year sentence for knowingly distributing Salmonella-containing peanuts. The familiar refrain...

September 24, 2015 What is fair pay for a chief executive?

Source: LA Times

First of all, no one begrudges chief executives being well-compensated for what must be a very challenging gig. It's not a job just anyone can do.

September 24, 2015 Volkswagen and the dark side of corporate sustainability

Source: GreenBiz

Aside from guaranteed admission into the corporate malfeasance hall of fame, the emissions cheating scandal jeopardizes the future of the largest car company in the world and adds yet another black mark to common self-policing...

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